Blind Date
JT Langdon

Linda stared at her open closet like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching semi, sensing the impending doom but so paralyzed with fear it couldn't move out of harm's way. She lost track of just how long she'd been standing there in her bra and panties, sighing in frustration, wondering what the hell she was going to wear, while asking herself the same question over and over again. How had she ever been talked into going on a blind date?

Sitting down on the edge of the bed, Linda thought about the events of the last week. She figured if she retraced her steps enough times she could pinpoint her exact moment of weakness, the moment she had caved, the moment she had lost all common sense. Most of the time she considered herself a reasonable, intelligent woman. The people at the firm where she worked sure thought so. But last week had seen a major lapse of judgment on her part, and the trouble began when Jaqui, one of the investment associates, began talking about her friend Alex.

It had been a nonstop barrage of Alex-this and Alex-that which started at lunch on Monday and never let up.

Alex was new in town.

Alex was bright.

Alex had a great sense of humor.

Alex was single.

That last one came up a lot and Linda knew better than to take the bait. Jaqui was notorious for trying to fix people up. Everyone around the office called her The Matchmaker, like in Fiddler on the Roof. Since she had been without a man in her life for a while now Linda knew she would be the focus of Jaqui's efforts sooner or later. But she had no idea how persistent Jaqui would be! The women raved on and on about how wonderful Alex was, how perfect the two of them were for each other. It never stopped!

Alex loved the theater.

Alex played racquetball.

Alex was a good catch.

Five days under that kind of assault finally wore down her defenses. Linda gave in, telling Jaqui she would go out with Alex. She let an elated Jaqui arrange the date without protest, wanting it over and done with. The sooner she went out with Alex the sooner Jaqui would stop pestering her and she could get on with her life.

Linda looked around her bedroom and thought about the last time she'd had someone else in it. What kind of life would she be going back to? Deep down, Linda knew there was another reason she had given in to Jaqui's constant nagging. She was lonely. It was the kind of lonely that couldn't be remedied by the magic wand she left on the bedside table where she could reach it whenever the need arose. And the need arose a lot. More often than not she sought comfort in her vibrator before going to sleep at night and again first thing in the morning, but lately the experience, while pleasurable, left her feeling unsatisfied.

The wand could bring her to orgasm faster than any mouth or fingers or cock ever had, but it had its limitations. It couldn't snuggle under the covers with her afterwards. The wand couldn't stroke her breast until she fell asleep. She couldn't cuddle on the sofa with the wand and watch old movies until dawn. These were things missing in her life and Linda wanted them . . . needed them. Though she pretended to be apathetic, secretly Linda hoped Alex was everything Jaqui said he was and more. She wanted them to hit it off. She was tired of being alone.

Linda heard the buzzer ring and almost slid off the bed. Oh shit! Alex was early!

Near panic and still not dressed, Linda scrambled to find something decent to wear. She dug a pair of tight-fitting jeans out of her dresser, wiggled into them without too much effort, then yanked a pullover sweater off a hangar and slid into it. A quick check in the mirror told Linda she had chosen well. The sweater showed off the curves of her breasts without being too obvious, and while she didn't care for the look of her thighs the jeans did show off her ass, which she had to admit looked damn good still. Her shoulder-length brown hair was a little out of place but nothing her fingers couldn't fix, and, that done, she padded barefoot into the living room.

Linda stole a calming breath and opened the door, eager to meet the much-hyped Alex. Instead of the ruggedly handsome man she had been expecting Linda found a woman waiting in the hall. She was a medium height, not at all thin, with a short crop of blonde hair that made her look like a twenty-something at first glance, but after a second look Linda pegged her for about thirty. The woman was dressed in casual attire, a navy blouse over cotton slacks. Not a bad look for her.

"Can I help you?"


"Yes," Linda said, nodding cautiously.

"Hi, I'm Alex. Jaqui's friend? I know I'm early, but I wasn't sure how long it would take me to get here so I gave myself plenty of time to get lost half a dozen ways. But Jaqui gave me really good directions. Hope that's okay."

"Fine," Linda said. She heard the things Alex told her like someone catching snippets of a conversation in passing, her attention divided, her focus somewhere else.

In the last week, Jaqui had told her a lot about Alex.

Alex was a terrific dancer.

Alex had a good job.

Jaqui neglected to mention Alex was a woman.

How could this have happened? What on earth made Jaqui think she was a lesbian? Linda thought about that for a hard moment but came up short on answers. Though she never talked much about her private life it seemed to her she'd made it clear she dated men. Why would Jaqui have thought otherwise? Was this all some cruel joke on her? On Alex? She couldn't believe Jaqui would do something like that.

Standing there in stunned silence, Linda realized Alex was looking at her with a concerned expression that somehow made her even more uncomfortable. Her own expression must have said as much for the frown Alex wore deepened further still.

"Is everything all right?" Alex asked.

"Well," Linda began, "there seems to have been a little miscommunication. Um, I thought you were going to be a man."

Alex jerked her head back in obvious surprise, cheeks turning a deep shade of crimson so fast it was almost as if she had been slapped across the face. "You mean you aren't-"

"No," Linda quickly replied.

"Oh," Alex said, blushing more. "Oh, Linda, I am so sorry. I just assumed . . . I mean, Jaqui knows I'm . . . well, shit. This is awkward, isn't it?"

Linda smiled. "It's all right, really. Just a misunderstanding."

"Thanks," Alex said. She appeared thoughtful for a moment. "Listen, uh, this might make things even more uncomfortable, but . . . well, I don't know a lot of people in town, and I was really looking forward to spending time with someone. Would you be at all interested in still going out, as friends? It's okay if that makes you uneasy. I'd understand."

"It doesn't make me uneasy at all," Linda said, meaning it. "Just let me put on some shoes and we can go."

* * * * *

The last time Linda had eaten at Farinelli's she'd been with a real asshole who couldn't pronounce "canoli" to save his life. What a night from hell that had been! Now she was there with Alex chatting over red wine and fried calimari at a secluded table in the corner. And she was having more fun than she had in ages.

In no time at all the two of them had developed a rapport, gabbing like former college roommates catching up on old times. The number of things she and Alex had in common bordered on frightening. Movies . . . music . . . even TV shows both of them watched as kids! There wasn't a topic where the two of them couldn't find common ground.

And the laughter! Linda couldn't remember ever laughing so hard in her life! She could feel the stares from others in the restaurant who no doubt turned to see what the two women in the corner were cackling about.

Let them stare, Linda mused. She never gave a damn what people thought and tonight was no exception. It didn't matter to her what might be going through the narrow minds around her; she was having way too much fun to care about appearances. And besides, she and Alex were just two women fast becoming friends.

"Jesus," Alex said, filling their glasses one last time, "the bottle didn't even last us through the appetizers!"

Linda smiled across the table. She flagged down their waiter and ordered another bottle of wine. Her gaze followed the waiter after he scurried off into the crowd, a smile tugging at her lips.

"Cute butt, huh?"

"I haven't had that much to drink yet," Alex said. She very deliberately picked up a menu and began reading.

Linda giggled. "Sorry."

"Although," Alex continued without looking up, "as male butts go . . ."

"Oh, hush," Linda said. She took a sip of wine then went for a menu too, looking over the decadent choices laid out before her. "So what are you thinking for dinner? I recommend their chicken parmesan. It's absolutely sinful."

"Mmmm," Alex purred, glancing over the top of the menu. "I like sinful."

Linda shook her head and laughed. More and more, as the evening went on, Alex was proving herself to be all the things Jaqui had said she would be and then some.

Alex was charming.

Alex was fun to be with.

Alex was attractive.

The thought stopped Linda cold. Now where had that come from? She recognized an attractive woman when she saw one, of course, but she had never actually been attracted to a woman before. Was she now? Linda didn't think so. It just occurred to her that the woman sitting across from her was attractive. There was nothing more to it.

"I think I'll have the manicotti," Linda said.

Alex looked up from her menu. "Not feeling sinful, huh?"

"Not at the moment."

"What a shame," Alex muttered, going back to reading. The two of them sat in companionable silence for a long moment. "Originally I thought we could go to a movie after dinner. You up for that?"

"Sounds great," Linda said.

* * * * *

Standing in line at the concession stand, Linda could feel Alex brushing up against her from time to time. The contact was incidental, something she would have dismissed under different circumstances. But the little thrill she got each time their thighs bumped together or Alex's shoulder brushed against hers left her dwelling on each detail longer than she probably should have.

Linda could recall each instance their bodies had touched in some form or another since leaving the restaurant, and the sensations those touches stirred within her afterwards. The feelings that followed were not unpleasant ones and Linda had no idea what to make of them. She'd never experienced anything remotely like it before, not with a man and certainly not ever with a woman. But something about Alex touching her had her insides doing flip-flops. It happened again when Alex nudged her.

"Sorry," Alex said.

"That's okay."

"Is it always this crowded?"

Linda glanced around the lobby of the movie theater. It was crowded. People were herded in like cattle at feeding time, standing in long lines waiting to be serviced. "Yeah, this is usual for a Friday night."

"Jesus," Alex said. "Back home it was never like this."

"It can get crazy," Linda admitted. "Listen, why don't you go find us a couple of seats and I'll get the popcorn."

"Are you sure?"

"Mmhmm. I'll find you, don't worry." Linda smiled and patted Alex's arm, warmth flooding through her in waves that got stronger when Alex returned the smile before heading off into the crowd. She watched Alex go and surprised herself by keeping her gaze on the other woman's rear end like she had with the waiter at Farinelli's.

Alex had a cute butt.

Alex was sexy.

The thoughts wound themselves around Linda's mind like tendrils of ivy creeping along the side of a building, taking hold, refusing to let go. She wondered where thoughts like that might lead under the right circumstances . . . then wondered just how far she would follow them.

* * * * *

"This is a great apartment," Alex said.

Linda smiled and closed the door. She hadn't planned on inviting Alex up after the date when she still thought Alex was a man and the shape of her apartment proved that, but Linda didn't want her evening with Alex to end so, mess or not, she asked Alex to come up for a drink after the movie. Her pulse raced like a freight train for the nanosecond it took Alex to accept, then her pulse quickened even more.

"Just ignore the mess," Linda said.

"Oh, no. It looks fine. You should see my place. I still have boxes to unpack!"

"Well, in that case," Linda said, "make yourself right at home. I'll get us something to drink. Is wine okay, or do you want something harder?"

"Wine would be great," Alex said.

The two of them shared a long, intense look then Linda scampered into the kitchen like a frightened rabbit, heart pounding. She had no idea what she was doing but wouldn't have blamed Alex at all for getting the wrong impression. What was with her? Even though she agreed to go out with Alex just as friends Linda realized she was being more of a flirt than she had ever been with the men she had dated.

Linda thought about that while she got a bottle of Merlot from the wine rack and opened it. She loved being around Alex. The woman made her feel comfortable, at ease. There was a natural connection between them that defied explanation. It just existed . . . seemed to always have existed, as if the two of them had known each other their entire lives. She had been attracted to the Alex Jaqui had told her about, at least enough to agree to a blind date in the first place, and she had wanted them to hit it off. So where did she draw the line between friend and lover? And why? Alex had turned out to be all the things she had ever wanted in a man, and even more things she had given up ever hoping a man could be.

Alex was sensitive.

Alex was caring.

Alex was beautiful inside and out.

Taking two wineglasses out of the cupboard, Linda realized Alex was the man of her dreams. She giggled at that particular thought and headed back into the living room where she found "the man of her dreams" curled up on the sofa, shoes off, looking adorable. Her favorite CD had been popped into the changer and soft, sweet music filled the room. Linda tried not to melt right there. How had Alex known what CD to put on? That wasn't something she'd mentioned during their hours of conversation!

"I hope you don't mind," Alex said, indicating the music with a wave of her hand.

"Of course not," Linda said. She handed Alex a glass of wine and sat down with hers, legs tucked underneath her, leaning back with a sigh. Her insides were doing somersaults again, just from feeling this woman so close to her, and Linda sipped wine to calm her tattered nerves. More and more she found herself thinking dangerous things, unfathomable things, and it made breathing impossible.

"I had a great time tonight," Alex said. "Thanks."

Linda smiled. "You don't have to thank me. I had fun, too."

"I'm glad," Alex said. She took a sip of wine and sighed. "It's just been tough, you know? Moving here, not knowing anyone. The nights can get awfully quiet."

"Yes, they can," Linda said. "Even for those of us who've lived here a long time and know a lot of people."

The two of them stared at each other for a long moment then Linda shied away, finding solace in her glass of wine. She could feel Alex's gaze on her still, undressing her, making love to her, all with a glance. Heat flushed her cheeks then moved lower . . . much, much lower.

"I'm making you nervous," Alex said.

Linda chuckled without humor. "No, I'm making me nervous."

"And why's that?"

"Because," Linda said, looking up to meet the other woman's gaze, "I'm thinking how nice it would be to kiss you right now."

"I'm thinking that, too."

Linda swallowed the last of her lingering apprehension then bent forward, an overture that Alex welcomed by leaning in to meet her until, at last, their lips met. The kiss started out slow, like first kisses so often do, then blossomed like a flower on a warm, spring morning. Mouths opened wider and wider in deepening hunger as the kiss developed, consuming them both. Linda swooned under the sensation of kissing another woman for the first time. There was a lushness to Alex's lips that captivated her. She couldn't get enough of them, still tasting of wine, wanting the kiss to go on forever. Her tongue unfurled with a sureness that made Alex whimper with need then eager hands went for her breasts and promptly spilled her glass of wine in her lap.

"Oh shit," Alex said. "Linda, I'm sorry."

"Never mind that," Linda growled. "C'mere . . ."

Setting their glasses on the table, Linda pulled Alex to her and kissed her soft lips once more. She slipped her tongue into Alex's mouth and Alex captured it, sucking it, teasing it with her own tongue. Now it was Linda that whimpered. The impatient hands that had tried to find her breasts before found their mark now, feeling her up through her sweater. Linda moaned under the expert touch, running her fingers through Alex's blonde hair, urging her new lover on, losing herself in the passion. Heat flared deep inside her, like a volcano erupting, and for the first time ever Linda groaned with raw desire for another woman. She had never wanted to make love this much . . . to fuck this much . . . but oh God, she wanted to fuck Alex! Her fingers twined in blonde hair and Alex squeezed her breast, the pad of her thumb stroking her nipple through her sweater and bra until the little nub within turned to stone. Linda moaned and arched to push more of her breast into Alex's firm grasp.

"Mmmm . . . that's nice," Linda murmured between kisses. Alex nibbled on her lower lip. "I've wanted you from the moment you opened the door, you know."

"I want you, too, Alex," Linda replied in a hoarse whisper.

The kiss reached a slow, delicious end that left them both panting for breath and staring at each other with longing. Linda reached up and touched her fingertips to Alex's cheek and Alex captured her hand, dragged it to her mouth, and began sucking her fingers. Linda thought she would come right there. She savored the delightful warmth around her fingers for a long moment then pushed herself up off the sofa with effort, beckoning Alex to follow her with nothing more than a gaze full of promise and a smile on her lips. That was all it took; Alex followed without a word.

In the bedroom, Linda pulled Alex into another kiss. She just could not stop kissing this woman! But there were other things on both their minds and nothing made that more clear than the pair of determined hands sliding up and down her back, venturing further down than up, moving over her ass and clutching it. Linda hummed with approval, her own hands finding the round of Alex's breasts. She caressed them like Alex had done to her, loving the feel of them. The image of her mouth around them flashed through her mind and made her moan with need . . . a moan that deepened thanks to the hands pawing at her ass.

Linda fumbled with the buttons of Alex's blouse, somehow getting it open despite the distraction of being kissed and having her buttocks fondled by the sexiest woman alive. She pushed the blouse off Alex's slight shoulders then went to work on the clasp of her bra, having much better luck with that, unhooking it in seconds to bare Alex's breasts to her eager hands and mouth. Her legs buckled at the sight of Alex's tits, the small nipples that capped them like little pebbles just waiting to be sucked. Though she had chided men for their infantile fascination with a woman's breasts there was nothing Linda wanted more than to suckle at Alex's heaving bosom, and so she did, hungrily, closing her lips around one of her hardened nipples and sucking it. She flicked her tongue over the tip while she sucked it and Alex purred with pleasure, stroking her hair.

"Yes, baby," Alex muttered. "Suck them."

Linda required no urging. She wanted to suck them so much she could scream! Instead of screaming, though, she attacked them with a ravenous hunger, moving from one breast to the other, making sure neither was denied her attention. Each touch of her lips dragged a pitiful sigh from her new lover and hearing them had Linda moaning through a mouthful of succulent flesh. She could feel the wetness pooling in her cunt already, her clit throbbing to a manic beat, and wondered if Alex was just as wet for her. The thought of Alex with a sopping wet pussy drove Linda crazy with need. How she wanted to find out for sure!

Flicking her tongue across one of Alex's nipples, Linda returned to the other woman's lips and kissed them with a fierceness that made both of them moan, lust dictating her urgent pace. She set her sights on divesting Alex of her pants while frantic hands worked on getting her clothes off. Their movements were like a ballet, well-choreographed, perfect, and between kisses and caresses the two of them managed to undress each other.

Linda looked Alex up and down. She had seen a lot of women naked in her life, in harmless situations, but never before had a naked woman inspired such wicked thoughts in her. Her gaze moved from Alex's face, to the breasts she had suckled, to the tuft of blonde hair between Alex's legs, then back up again.

The expression Alex wore mirrored hers, a look of pure wanting shared and returned. Linda got into bed and Alex crawled in after her, snuggling up next to her, propped up on one side. She stared at her new lover, a silent plea, and Alex bent down to kiss her with a hand at her breast. Nimble fingers that could have belonged to a classical pianist rolled her nipples to rapid, painful erection, making her writhe on the bed in a state of pure bliss. And yet, as good as it felt, all Linda could think about was how much she wanted those talented fingers in her cunt. Then, as if reading her mind, the hand at her breast moved over her soft tummy and settled in the furrow of her slit.

"Oh . . . Alex," Linda gasped, bucking, arching, wanting Alex to take her. She lifted her hips in search of more but Alex laughed, kissed her, and continued teasing her pussy. Her new lover had a delicate touch and used it to its fullest advantage, making her squirm with need. Had she been capable of forming words she would have begged Alex to go inside but Linda could manage nothing . . . nothing but gasps and sighs and moans of intense pleasure.

Through the haze of lust Linda heard Alex laugh, not a scornful laugh, but an aroused laugh, then Alex thrust into her primed cunt. She groaned and arched off the bed, head slamming back against the pillow as Alex pumped in and out of her pussy, hard and fast, just how she needed it. Her voice became the high trilling caterwaul of cat in heat as Alex drove her to the brink of climax. Linda could feel her orgasm gathering around her clit like distant stormclouds threatening rain. She was so close now . . . so close she could taste it . . . but Alex refused to push her that final step. Then Alex began to nibble her earlobe.

"Do you want to come, baby?"

"Yes, yes."

"Can I go down on you first?"

"Alex!" Linda sobbed. "Please!"

The laughter that filled Linda's ear made her shiver in anticipation, as did the soft kisses Alex planted down her body as she moved closer and closer to the searing heat of her cunt. She spread her legs in a pathetic show of need and heard Alex suck in a sharp, hissing breath . . . then Linda heard nothing but the sounds of her own pleasure as Alex began licking her pussy.

Linda had no idea sex could feel that good. No man or vibrator had ever delivered the kind of tingles now shooting through her body. She could feel it in her toes! There wasn't a part of her that didn't quiver from having Alex's tongue in her cunt. The pleasure flowed through her like electrical currents, snaking through her insides, making her wriggle in ecstasy.

Alex was eating her out.

Alex was going to make her come.

"Yes! Yes! Alex!" Linda cradled the head between her legs and held Alex tight against her cunt as she began lapping at her clit like a deer at a mountain stream. The shuddering orgasm that had been stirring within her again came bubbling to the surface, and when Alex began sucking her clit, it broke through like a dam bursting under too much pressure. She rose off the bed with a squeal of pleasure, grabbing fistfuls of sheet for purchase. The climax tore through her without compassion, leaving a trembling mass of spent flesh in its wake.

Linda sank deeper into bed, panting for breath, head spinning. She summoned the strength to look down and found Alex still there between her legs, face nuzzled into her mons. Her fingers tightened around strands of blonde hair and her lover glanced up, face glistening, lips curved into a smile.

"Come here," Linda whispered. She motioned Alex closer then tasted herself on the lips she kissed, loving it, wanting so much to return the favor. Their tongues slithered over each other like snakes passing in the grass, leaving them both gasping once more. Linda inched her hands lower until she found the round of Alex's butt and when she squeezed it Alex moaned. She rolled them both over without breaking the kiss, pinning Alex to the bed with the weight of her need as much as the knee she wedged between Alex's thighs. Her new lover moaned and humped her leg, slopping that dripping wet cunt all over her.

"Oh God, Linda! Fuck me!"

Linda silenced her with a kiss, keeping her knee firmly planted in Alex's pussy. She kissed a trail down Alex's throat then moved to suckle a breast, loving it just as much as she had before. Her tongue traced the shape of each hardened nipple, making little circles around each one.

Poor Alex grunted like an animal. She wanted to be licked.

Kissing each breast one last time, Linda began making her way down . . . down . . . over Alex's round little belly until she was at last poised above Alex's cunt. The scent of womanly arousal filled the air and Linda breathed it in, nostrils flaring. She gazed down at Alex with something akin to wonder, having never been that close to a woman's pussy, then realized she had never done this before . . . never even thought about doing it before! But Linda knew what she liked, what felt good, and, perhaps even more importantly, she wanted to do it. She wanted to bury her face in Alex's pussy and never come up for air. The need was overwhelming and she did not resist, lowering her mouth to Alex's cunt and getting her taste of another woman for the first time.

Linda fell in love. The moment her tongue slipped between slick netherlips to disappear inside Alex she fell in love with licking pussy. She loved the taste, smell and feel of Alex's cunt, so warm and wet for her, clenching around her tongue in pre-orgasmic fits. Linda burrowed her tongue in deep, licking ardently, unable to get her fill of the sweet cream she found there. Though desire could not make up for skill, and while she had none of the grace Alex showed, Linda found her way around pretty quickly. Her efforts had Alex thrashing around on the bed like a tortured, restless spirit, and when she used her fingers to fully expose her lover's clit Alex cried out in wordless approval, begging her to go for it all. And Linda did. She closed her lips around Alex's nubbin of a clit and sucked her lover to orgasm, more than once, conjuring up one gut-wrenching moan after another until Alex had nothing more to give.

Licking up the mess she had made, Linda settled into Alex's arms and sighed with a contentment that was completely new to her. She rested her head on the other woman's chest and found a nipple to tease while Alex toyed with her hair. Things never felt more right after making love. Linda giggled.

"What?" Alex asked.

"Oh, I was just thinking," Linda said. "I have this policy about not sleeping with men on the first date."

Alex laughed. "I'm glad that rule doesn't apply to women!"

"Mmmm," Linda purred dreamily. "So am I."

The two of them kissed again, their hunger returning, and as Alex's hand moved between her legs once more Linda sighed and thought about all the things Alex had turned out to be in the end.

Alex was amazing.

Alex was insatiable.

Alex was her lover now.