Shadows thrown by candlelight
Splash across her face
As she kneels before him
Ever the obedient one
A circle of leather around her neck
A stud of silver through her nipple
A band of gold around her finger
A trinity of proprietary markings
Leaving no doubt she belongs to him
And him alone
He stands over her, proud
Holding her leash, never tugging
But never unhooking it
Leading her around the room
His little one
Such a good little slut
She assumes the position
Without needing to be told
Face pressed to the floor
Her backside thrust up in the air
Ready for him
For his hand
For his belt
For his cock
Whatever he wants to give her
Whatever she needs from him
She waits, breathless
Heart pounding
Dampness gathering
Aching for his attention
The crop lands against her skin
With a crack
That slices through the room like thunder
Echoed by her cries
Another . . . then another
The pain so great
The pleasure even greater
Heat across her flesh
Heat between her legs
Agony, ecstasy
Wishing it would end
Never wanting it to stop
Relieved when it does
But empty, so empty
Until she feels the hardness of him
Pressed against her from behind
Wanting to push back
Desperate to feel him enter her
He makes her wait
Moments become an eternity
Until she wants to scream
Then he thrusts into her
Bodies merge
Hard and soft
The length of him disappearing inside her
Again and again
Harder, faster, deeper
Hands on hips, holding tight
Pumping into her
Closer, closer
Throbbing, clenching, emptying
The rush of him
Setting her off
Pleasure mingled
Slumped forward, panting, satisfied
Complete at last