The taste and feel
Of your lips
Soft and lush
Pressing into mine
In a breathless kiss

The sweetness of them
Like ripened fruit
Plucked from the tree
And eaten on the spot
Succulent and delicious

Parting for me
Our tongues rolling
Over each other
I never want to stop
Kissing your lips


The taste and feel
Of your breasts
Plump and luscious
Stuffed into my mouth
Filling me up

Nipples harden
Between my lips
And under my tongue
Little pebbles
I suckle with hunger

Each so perfect
Never enough
For me to be sated
I could feast all night
On your delicious breast


The taste and feel
Of your assv Round and smooth
Under fingertips
That pry you open

Splitting you in half
In search of more
Exposing a center
That puckers around
My probing tongue

Pushing deep between
Plush cushions
Tracing the tight ring
I never tire
Of your sweet ass


The taste and feel
Of your cunt
Warm and wet
Tightening around
My fingers and tongue

The earthen musk
Of your arousal
Invades my senses
Making me lightheaded
Let me do this forever

Dear God, please
Don't make me stop
I want to die here
Sinking further
Into the depths of your cunt