Fountain Of Youth
JT Langdon

Turning her back to the morning sunlight pouring through the window, Maggie stared down at the woman snuggled up next to her. She loved to watch Hannah while she slept. Her lover looked so sweet, so innocent. The lips now curved into a blissful smile hardly seemed learned enough to bring pleasure, yet how many times had Hannah brought her to climax with that mouth on her pussy? More times than Maggie could remember.

Hannah twitched in her sleep, looking adorable, and Maggie reached down to brush an errant strand of hair from Hannah's face. God, Hannah looked so young! This child was her lover? Maggie knew that Hannah was no such thing, but sleeping there, a cherub bathed in golden sun, Hannah appeared so childlike it stole her breath for a moment. Her gaze crept over the nubile figure peeking out from under the covers, glimpsing the round of a breast, the feline arch of that back, the first hints of the shapely backside she so enjoyed admiring.

Maggie knew every inch of that body, from top to bottom, knew it with her fingers and her lips and with her eyes. She knew the scent of it, perfumed after a bath, or, like now, still reeking of the night before when their sweaty bodies had been lost in a tangle of sheets. And she also knew how that body could move under her touch, how it could writhe in ecstasy. That was not the body of a child; it was the body of sensuous woman, the woman she had fallen so madly in love, the woman that, even in sleep, seduced her.

So why did she suddenly feel like a dirty old woman?

Maggie grunted. She damn well knew the reason . . . reasons, actually. There were fifty of them.

Careful not to wake her lover, Maggie got out of bed and slipped into her big, fluffy white terry-cloth robe -the "granny robe" she called it much to Hannah's chagrin- letting it embrace her like Hannah might, so warm and soft around her nakedness. She gazed down at her lover, listening to the sound of each ragged breath, noting, with interest, how little it varied from the intense sighs Hannah gave when they made love.

What are you dreaming about, my little angel?

Maggie stood there for a long time, just watching Hannah, hands shoved into the pockets of her robe. The light streaming through the window caught Hannah's mane of auburn hair just right, giving her lover an ethereal glow. Maggie smiled. She would never grow tired of waking up to that face.

Permitting herself a small whimper, Maggie left the room and padded into the morning stillness that lingered over their suburban home. She caught a look at herself in the oak-framed mirror in the hall and stopped, curious. What did a fifty-year old woman look like first thing in the morning? Not all that bad, she noticed. Her short crop of hair (once flecked with gray, now jet-black out of the bottle) was matted from late-night sex and the sleep that followed. She combed it with her fingers, unsatisfied with the results. The robe had fallen open just a bit, she realized, letting her see the paunch she carried. She wished that were the only part of her that had gone soft over the years. Her breasts were still firm, though, and when she looked at them she thought of Hannah's mouth on her. The woman sure did love to suckle them.

Maggie smiled at that thought, pulling her robe closed and heading into the kitchen. She put on a pot of coffee then rummaged around in the refrigerator in search of something to make for breakfast before deciding, with a grimace, that it was too early to eat. Perhaps later, when Hannah got up, the two of them could go out for breakfast instead.

Some place around here must offer a senior-citizen discount.

The smell of brewing coffee soon turned the kitchen into heaven and Maggie sighed, more content than tired, unlocking the sliding glass door that led onto the screened-in patio and stepping into the oppressive Florida heat. Six in the morning and already it was dreadful! It made her want to slip back into bed and rouse her lover for a little hair of the dog that had bitten them the night before.

The pop-hiss of the automated sprinkler system kicking in jolted Maggie from her thoughts. She sat down at the table on the patio and looked out over their yard, not unimpressed, her gaze drifting to a pair of towering banana trees in the corner now getting soaked.

"I thought you'd come back to bed."

Maggie looked up and her pulse quickened when she saw Hannah standing there in a white tank top and cotton panties, both clinging so tightly to that curvaceous figure she damn near began to drool. Her lover had the same sleepy-eyed look children get when stirred from a fitful sleep and are then told it was time to get up for school. Hair mussed, half out of it, Hannah was still the most beautiful woman Maggie had ever seen in her life. She fell in love with the woman all over again in the time it took Hannah to come over and sit in her lap. Maggie wrapped Hannah in her arms, nuzzling her face into a bare shoulder.

"Good morning," Maggie said.

"Mmm," Hannah purred. "Happy Birthday, sweetie."

Maggie found Hannah's lips and kissed them like it was night and they were still in bed. In the breathless moments afterward the two of them held each other, exchanging loving caresses, murmuring approval when those caresses ventured into secret places.

"You really should have come back to bed," Hannah whispered.

"I couldn't sleep."

"Not after last night?" Hannah asked, sounding offended. "Hmmph! Anyway, what makes you think I wanted you to come back to bed so you could sleep?"

Maggie smiled. She slid her hand along Hannah's thigh, stroking creamy flesh. Her lover moaned in the most delightful way. "Actually, I was just sitting here reflecting on having lived half a century."


"It's depressing."

Hannah made an impatient noise. "Nothing to be depressed about, you know. You have just as much time ahead of you. More."

"We'll see if you still feel that way when you turn fifty," Maggie said. "Of course, that won't be for another-"

"Stop right there." Hannah jerked back and scowled. "Not one more quip about me being younger than you, all right? You've been at it all week. Enough."

Maggie pulled Hannah to her again. "I'm sorry. Forgive me?"

"I always do," Hannah said, kissing her. "You know that."

"And I'm thankful, " Maggie said. She leaned back in her chair, rocking Hannah in her lap. "When did I get old? I don't remember growing up. Inside I still feel like that five-year old girl who used to take off all her clothes and run through the sprinkler. Now I just sit and watch it water our lawn. Ho-hum."

Hannah gave her a big hug then kissed her on the tip of the nose. "There are certain advantages to being a grown-up, you know. And just because you are getting older doesn't mean you have to act it. Come on."

The next thing Maggie knew Hannah was up and tugging on her arm. "What are you up to?"

"We're going to run through the sprinkler!"

Maggie arched an eyebrow. "You aren't serious."

"I am!" Hannah laughed. "Come on, it'll be fun!"

"But the neighbors-"

"Cannot possibly see over our fence," Hannah said. "Besides, not even God is up this early on Sunday."

Maggie frowned. She couldn't argue with that. Their fence was tall enough to keep out prying eyes. But did she dare? "I don't know . . ."

"Well, I'm going," Hannah said. "Join me if you like."

Maggie licked her lips in hunger and watched Hanna strip off that formfitting tank top to wiggle a pair of delectable breasts in her face. Such scrumptious treats! She longed to have them in her mouth! Seeing them jiggle within reach made her groan with need. Hannah smiled at that little display of lust and rolled down her panties to stand there naked, looking so yummy Maggie almost couldn't stand it.

Giggling playfully, Hannah scampered off the patio and started running through the sprinkler. That nude body was soon wet and glistening in the morning sun. Maggie watched from the patio, heart racing. Her lover looked like a little forest nymph frolicking around the back yard, carefree and shameless. She was fortunate to have someone like Hanna in her life.

Maggie felt a sudden twinge of guilt for having been such a grouch. So she had turned fifty. Big deal! What did that mean, really? There was nothing that said she had to be an old fuddy-duddy just because she had a birthday! And besides, Hannah seemed to be having way too much fun without her! She stood up and let her robe fall to the ground, skipping nakedly across the back yard to join Hannah under the sprinkler.

The two of them stared at each other for a long moment then broke into squeals of laughter, holding hands while romping around like kids. Ice water splashed over their breasts and between the legs, a thousand little fingers treating them to waves of pleasure. It was divine. Maggie stole longing glances at the woman next to her the entire time. How gorgeous Hannah was! So beautiful. Impossible to resist.

Maggie pulled Hannah to her and kissed that soft mouth, losing herself in the feel of those lips, of that naked, wet body pressed against hers. Hands were soon racing up and down her back, frantic, urgent, needing her like the night before had been nothing but a dream. She lowered them to the ground, reclining on the wet grass then kissing Hannah once more. Her fingers sought damp flesh and when she found it Hannah moaned and bucked against her.

"Baby, yes!" Hannah muttered. "Touch me right there!"

Maggie continued kissing her lover while she thrust two fingers into that sopping wet cunt. The slick folds welcomed her into that warm haven, clenching around her fingers to keep them from escaping. She moved in and out at an even pace, making Hannah wriggle like a snake in the grass. Their kisses were growing more and more insistent, tongues sliding over each other in a frenzied, passionate dance, so Maggie knew Hannah was nearing climax. She used the pad of her thumb to stroke Hannah's clitoris and her lover came within moments, arching off the ground with a deep moan.

Rolling onto her back, Maggie stared up at the cloudless blue sky. Sunlight streaming through the mist from the sprinkler formed an endless series of rainbows overhead, like angels watching over her. Then Hannah kissed her breast and Maggie found Heaven on Earth with her own angel.

"Mmmm . . . yes," Maggie sighed. "Take me, lover. Take me . . ."

Hannah moved from one breast to the other, flicking the nipples to hard peaks before sucking on them like a fiend. She did so love to suckle them! Maggie rolled her head from side to side on the slick grass, gasping for breath under Hannah's attention. The woman was an animal! A beast! Wild and untamed with an insatiable appetite that flared at the sight of a stiffened nipple. Lips soft as velvet seized the firm nubs like a vise, sucking them, tugging on them, making them her playthings. Each touch of those lips pushed Maggie closer to madness and when the waiting became unbearable she cried out her need.

Laughing through a mouthful of breast, Hannah directed those kisses lower . . . lower . . . over the paunch Maggie had spied in the mirror then lower still to press lips into the tuft of fur that covered her mound. She spread for her lover and Hannah gave a little squeak of approval before getting that mouth on her at last. Hannah lapped at her pussy, holding nothing back now, taking her to the brink and letting her hover there for the most agonizing but wonderful moment before finishing her off with just a few practiced jabs at her clit.

The aftermath found them cuddled together, kissing and fondling each other under the shower of the sprinkler. Maggie stroked Hannah's nipple just to hear that little purring noise her lover made.

"We're turning into prunes out here," Hannah said. "Can we please go back to bed now? I'll give you another present."

Maggie laughed. She decided right there turning fifty wasn't so bad after all.