JT Langdon

"Ugh," Taylor growled in disgust, finding the remote and hitting the MUTE button. "Does anyone like the stupid half-time show?"

"What are you whining about now?"

Taylor looked up and smiled as Maggie plopped down beside her on the sofa. Even after nine years together the sight of the woman made her pulse quicken. Her lover looked good enough to eat in a sweatshirt and jeans, long, salt-and-pepper hair (more salt than pepper the last couple of years) pulled back into a ponytail. The lines on Maggie's face made her look elegant, dignified. Like fine wine, Maggie had gotten better with age.

"The half-time show," Taylor said. She waded through the snacks on the coffee table and snagged a can of beer, downing some with a sigh of pure satisfaction. "It gets cheesier every year! The music is awful, the dance numbers are horrid. The people look so fake. I just don't understand it at all! Is that the kind of thing the average football fan is going to like? I don't think so."

"Well I think," Maggie said, leaning closer, "you're much prettier than the average football fan."

"Oh, do you?" Taylor asked.

"Mmhmm. How about we put on our own half-time show?"

Taylor smiled. "Think we can finish before the game comes back on?"

"We can if you shut up," Maggie said.

"No problem." Taylor snared Maggie's lips in a kiss that was deep, passionate and full of promise. How fortunate she was to have found someone that loved sex as much as she did! Their tongues assaulted each other, wagging like mad, and Taylor moaned into the kiss, frantically working her hand up Maggie's sweatshirt to cup a breast. She found a nipple beginning to stiffen and stroked it with her thumb until it was rock-hard, making her lover arch toward her with need.

"Oh . . . yeah."

"Like that, baby?"

"Mmmhmm," Maggie purred.

Taylor pushed Maggie flat on the sofa and climbed atop her lover on all fours. Though she could have remained there for hours, just kissing that lush mouth, the hands racing up and down her back reminded her time was of the essence. She pushed Maggie's sweatshirt up just far enough to get at those luscious breasts and took a nipple into her mouth, sucking it with ravenous hunger. Her lover writhed on the sofa, moaning with desire, raking urgent fingers through her short crop of brown hair as she moved from one breast to the other, flicking erect nipples with her tongue.

"Oh lover," Maggie gasped. "You are driving me wild!"

"That's how I like you," Taylor muttered. She nuzzled her face into Maggie's bare midriff while she fumbled with a pesky zipper. It never failed! Always when she was in a hurry! She finally managed to get Maggie's jeans open and pulled them over padded hips to expose the hot, wet cunt she knew would be waiting for her. The scent of arousal made her mouth water and Taylor inhaled the fragrant musk her lover had to offer, savoring it, letting it intoxicate her.

Dropping her head between Maggie's legs, Taylor flicked her tongue over the lips of that delectable cunt. She loved the taste of Maggie's essence. The sweet cream dribbled over her lips and she devoured it greedily, slaking her thirst for that rich treat. Her lover moaned then arched off the sofa in search of more.

"Yes!" Maggie cried. "Oh . . . baby, you are the best! Mmph!"

Taylor wormed her tongue deep into Maggie's brimming honey pot, lapping up the hot juices simmering inside. She could keep it up for hours without getting tired, letting her lover teeter on the brink of climax. More often than not Maggie was begging for release long before she ran out of steam. Later, during the post-game, she would test Maggie's endurance. Her sole objective now was to bring her lover off.

Moving in for the kill, Taylor circled Maggie's clit with the tip of her tongue then took the firm little nub between her lips and sucked it until her lover was heaving off the sofa in orgasm. The sweet juices gushed out in waves and Taylor gulped them down, taking all her lover had to offer, unable to get her fill. She kissed and nibbled that spasming cunt until Maggie settled down, then rolled off the sofa and wiggled out of her shorts. Maggie smiled, reaching out to her.

"You are gorgeous, you know," Maggie whispered.

Taylor took Maggie's hand, their fingers twining, and let Maggie pull her close. She climbed onto the sofa and straddled Maggie's face, lowering her cunt onto an eager mouth. Her lover wasted no time. There was no teasing involved. Maggie licked her out from underneath with a voracious appetite, pushing that capable tongue deep into her slick pussy.

"Oh God!" Taylor cried. She humped Maggie's face, riding her lover, bouncing up and down excitedly as that soft, wet tongue wiggled inside her. Hands grabbed her ass and pulled her down tight against that starved mouth. Taylor rolled her hips to a desperate rhythm, smothering Maggie with her cunt as she tumbled nearer to climax.

"M-M-Maggie," Taylor stammered. "I'm coming, lover. Ooooh . . . I'm c-c-coming!" She thrust downward at the moment of climax, forcing her stream of juices down Maggie's throat. Her lover moaned and dug fingernails into her buttocks, holding her in place until the last tremor of orgasm faded.

Sliding off Maggie's face, Taylor slipped her shorts back on then joined her lover on the sofa again. She loved the cuddling after making love as much as the sex itself and snuggled into Maggie's arms with a happy sigh.

"Is the game on yet?"

"Mmm . . . no," Maggie murmured. "I think we set a record."

Taylor giggled. "Well, since we have a few minutes let's try and break it!"

"Hush, you," Maggie said, kissing her. "I just want to hold your for a little while. Is that all right?"

"More than all right," Taylor whispered, resting her head on Maggie's shoulder. "I love when you hold me. In fact . . . I just love you."

"I love you too, sweetheart," Maggie said. Their lips met again in a searing kiss that blossomed out of control until both of them were panting for breath. "We still have a few minutes, huh?"

"Yeah," Taylor said, "and nothing to do but watch this moronic half-time show. Unless . . ."

"Well, I guess records are meant to be broken, right?"

Taylor laughed as she moved to suckle a breast. "Mmm . . . right."