The Long Night

In the hours before dawn
When sleep is my Grail
And thoughts of you, lover
Haunt me like wraiths

I stare at the emptiness
Where you should be, dreaming
And feel this aching
Deep at my core

There is no replacing
The warmth of your flesh
Or the round of your bosom
Pressed into my back

No thought, no dream
No matter how real
Could ever make up
For the touch of your lips

I would shun all the treasures
Of Heaven and Earth
For just a brief moment
With you in my arms

I would declare nothing
In this world sacred
If I could trade it
For one fleeting kiss

Then a sliver of gold
Pours through the window
Shining down on the place
That is yours in my bed

I weep for the respite
That daylight has granted
And curse the long night
That will come for me after