Passing Fancy
JT Langdon

Looking around The First Lady, Karen was surprised at how little the bar scene had changed in ten years. Though the music was louder and the crowd younger, the place still reeked of booze and sexual frustration as women sized each other up in hopes of finding true love that might last an hour or a lifetime. Smoke hovered over the place in violation of common sense and a number of city ordinances. No one seemed to mind. Had she really frequented dives like this?

Karen swam through the crowd of women huddled together on the dance floor and snagged a stool at the bar, helping herself to a handful of Spanish peanuts while she waited for the bartender to make it over. She glanced around the room, taking it all in, feeling out of place in her beige corduroy sports jacket over black turtleneck and tight jeans. This was a mistake.

Even now Karen wasn't sure what had prompted her to come to a place like The First Lady. She had been involved with Janet for almost a decade now, and while things were fine between them Karen felt that something had been missing for the last couple of years. The fire had long since gone out of their relationship and nothing she did stoked the dying embers . . . role playing, new sex toys, some light bondage, the flames never ignited. And while Janet had played along for her sake, it was obvious to Karen that Janet's heart just wasn't in it. Their lovemaking had become so routine that for a long time she preferred to do without than fake enthusiasm.

Karen sighed. In spite of the cold bed she and Janet shared the woman still meant a great deal to her. The two of them had forged a life together that was comfortable and, more often than not, what Karen wanted. That made her feel all the more guilty for going out to lesbian bar the moment she got a chance.

The bartender came over and placed a draft beer in front of her. She was slim and looked too young to be having drinks much less serving them, sporting a short crop of dark hair and eyes to match. Her white cotton tank top let Karen see the black rose tattooed on her shoulder. Her nose was pierced. Karen might have gone for the woman in her youth. Now the bartender looked like a child playing the part of grown-up dyke and Karen wasn't impressed.

"I didn't order this," Karen said.

The bartender laughed. "You're out of practice, aren't you, honey? This is compliments of the woman at the table over there."

Karen followed the bartender's gesture to a woman sitting in the corner. Her pulse quickened. The woman appeared to be in her late thirties, at least. She had long, flowing auburn hair that framed a round face, stunning eyes, and delightful lips that curved into a smile when Karen looked at her. In a pullover sweater and black denim jeans, she looked as out of place as Karen felt but that smile looked damned inviting.

Staring at the beer in front of her, Karen saw more than a drink. She saw a choice. In ten years she had never been unfaithful to Janet. Oh sure, her wandering gaze had landed on more than a few backsides but that was harmless. Neither of them had stopped ogling women after taking their vows. Sometimes the two of them would compare notes! But that was a far cry from accepting a drink from a stranger at a bar. Karen wasn't sure about taking that next step, but then she caught that smile again and found her doubts evaporating.

Karen headed over to the table in the corner with her glass of beer. She couldn't believe she was doing this! Her insides were doing somersaults and she loved it. For the first time in ages she felt a spark, and whether she was just nervous or turned-on didn't matter.

The woman at the table smiled at her approach, raised eyebrows directing her to one of the empty chairs. Karen sat down, running her fingertip around the rim of her glass.

"Thanks for the drink," Karen said.

The woman smiled. "Thanks for coming over. I've been sitting here an hour and was afraid I might leave empty handed."

"Something tells me that wouldn't have been a problem," Karen said. She sipped her beer and smiled. "I'm Karen, by the way."

"Nice to meet you, Karen. I'm Sarah. You don't look like a regular."

"I'm not," Karen said. "The truth is, Sarah, I'm involved in a long term relationship with a woman I care about and have no intention of ending that. So do you still want to buy me this beer?"

Sarah considered her for a long moment then laughed. "Nothing like being up front and honest, huh? I like that. It's refreshing. Since we're telling the truth here, fact is I'm involved with someone too. Do you still want to sit with me?"

"Yes," Karen said. She took another sip of beer. "Well here we are. Both of us spoken for but having a drink together. Why is that, do you think?"

Sarah leaned forward. "Now that is an interesting question. Perhaps we've been with our respective significant others so long that it is becoming stale and we came here tonight hoping to recapture some of the verve we felt once upon a time when we were single and prowled bars like this. How am I doing?"

"Not bad," Karen said, nursing her beer. "Do go on."

"Well," Sarah continued, smiling, "if you want to know the truth the reason I have been sitting here for an hour is because it has taken me that long to work up the nerve to buy someone a drink. The truth is I haven't done this in ages. But I saw you come in, and you looked nice so I figured I would take a chance. Do you ever take chances, Karen?"

"Sometimes," Karen said. She downed the rest of her beer with a sigh. "Would you like to dance?"

Sarah nodded. "Yes I would, actually."

The music was unfamiliar but it was slow and soft. That made it perfect as far as Karen was concerned. She headed onto the dance floor with Sarah close behind her, turning to welcome the auburn-haired woman into her arms. Their bodies came together then began moving in time to the music, swaying back and forth to a shuffling rhythm.

Karen sighed. She liked the sensation of Sarah's breasts pressing into hers probably more than she should have but couldn't bring herself to pull back. Her thoughts soon turned wanton, dangerous. Feelings Karen never expected would be hers again reared their head, making her bold. She eased her hand over Sarah's hips to stroke a remarkably firm ass through heavy black denim. Her dance partner moaned in approval.

"Mmm," Sarah murmured. "That's nice. Too nice."

"I know," Karen said. "Do you want me to stop?"

"No," Sarah replied in a whisper. "And that's the problem. I want to go somewhere right now and let you keep going." She slid her hands inside Karen's jacket to fondle a breast. Karen groaned.

"Y-your place?" Karen asked.

"No, my lover- " Sarah caught herself then said, "We can't go there. How about your place?"

"I can't," Karen said. "Not in our bed. That must sound lame at this point."

"No it doesn't. How about a motel? Something cheap and close will do just fine."

"Yes," Karen rasped. "Let's get out of here."

The night air was cold and crisp when Karen emerged from The First Lady with her arm around Sarah's waist. She started to hail a taxi then spotted a neon sign across the street flashing VACANCY in large red letters. The sign was like a lighthouse beacon and Karen followed it to shore.

Pinching Sarah's tight butt, Karen bounded across the street, giggling, her face flushed with arousal. Sarah chased her down and pulled her into a kiss right there on the street. The meeting of their lips set off sparks in Karen's mind. How this woman could kiss! She felt it in her toes! Karen gathered Sarah into her arms and returned the kiss with hunger, feeling like a teenager. Hands moved inside her coat again then slid up and down her back in long strokes, frisking her with urgent need.

"I want you," Sarah muttered between kisses. "God, how I want you."

Hanging onto each other, Karen and Sarah stumbled into the flea-bag of a motel. The man working the front desk looked them over and grunted with understanding, shoving a ledger in their direction filled with a surprising number of people named Smith.

"We have hourly, nightly, and weekly rates," the man said. "What'll it be?"

Karen looked at Sarah and grinned. "An hour . . . no, two hours."

"Yeah," Sarah said. "Better make it two hours."

Karen scribbled her name in the book and put down half the money for the room, in cash, with Sarah picking up the rest. She took the key from the manager and followed Sarah upstairs, nipping at that firm bottom like a rabid dog. Her lust on the rise, Karen was prepared to throw Sarah down on the steps and fuck her right there. But she restrained herself, content for the moment to paw at the round butt encased in black denim that continued to wiggle in her face.

The room turned out to be small and drab. It had been sprayed heavily to cover up whatever odors still lingered from the previous occupants, but the smell of disinfectant wasn't much better. Karen didn't care. There was a bed and the door locked. Nothing else mattered. It was theirs for two hours and she wasn't going to waste time fretting over the decor.

Karen pulled Sarah to her and the two of them kissed again. Their desire for each other had grown exponentially since that first kiss out on the street. Karen opened her mouth wide in hunger and when Sarah's tongue slid over hers she groaned with need, shrugging out of her jacket. She worked a hand up Sarah's wool sweater and was delighted to find Sarah wore no bra. Her fingers glided over the bare flesh of someone other than Janet for the first time in ten years, finding a nipple and teasing it to erection. Now it was Sarah that moaned.

"Like that, huh?" Karen asked.

"Mmhmm," Sarah purred. "I'd like it even better if you sucked them."

"That can be arranged." Karen rid Sarah of her sweater, baring a pair of delcious-looking breasts for her consideration. It had been a long time since she had seen anyone but Janet naked and was totally unprepared for the sight of Sarah's tits. The ample mounds of flesh were firm and round, like ripe grapefruit. No wonder Sarah didn't need to wear a bra! Seeing them made Karen's mouth water. She cupped one in her hand, using her thumb to stroke the nipple, and Sarah moaned again, gazing at her with a look so intense it made her shudder. No one had looked at her like that in long time.

Leaning closer, Karen took a nipple between her lips a sucked it. The plump little nub hardened even more in her mouth and she moaned through a mouthful of tit, lashing the nipple with flicks of her tongue. She moved from one to the other, licking, sucking, gorging herself on breast while Sarah combed fingers through her hair.

"Mmm . . . yeah," Sarah muttered. "Suck them, baby. Just like that."

Karen was more than eager to grant that request. She nibbled on Sarah's breasts, getting as much of that delectable flesh into her mouth as she could for her ravenous appetite could not be sated. The hunger drove her from breast to breast, attacking them in a manner so voracious that Sarah moaned and arched against her to push even more of those sweet breasts into her face. Karen accepted the offer with a grunt.

It was insane! Karen couldn't believe what she was doing! She had left the bar with a strange woman and five minutes later had her mouth stuffed with tit! And it felt great! Her entire being felt like a live wire conducting raw sexual energy. Passion she had kept bottled up for so long came bubbling to the surface like champagne, popping the cork right off in a massive surge. She could feel the woman-juices oozing out of her cunt and down her leg, warm, wet, and sticky. From the way Sarah moved against her Karen knew she wasn't the alone in her desire.

Leaving Sarah's breasts for the moment, Karen once again covered that lush mouth with her own. The kiss that followed was deep, hot, so full of passion that both of them were gasping and moaning in no time. Karen urged Sarah back toward the bed, fumbling with the snap of those black denim jeans while hands urgently tugged at hers. The two of them tumbled onto the bed in a tangle of arms and legs, laughing at their impatience and their lust. Shoes were kicked off and soon thereafter the two of them were engaged in a silly game of footsie, giggling like teenagers while kissing like lovers.

Karen straddled Sarah's hips and stared down at that gorgeous woman for a long moment before pulling off her turtleneck. Though she had on a bra that was soon gone, too, revealing her breasts to Sarah's lascivious gaze. The touch of Sarah's hands on her bare skin made Karen tremble with excitement then Sarah cupped both her breasts, caressing them. Karen tossed her head back and moaned.

"Oh . . . Sarah! Yes!" Karen had forgotten how wonderful determined hands could feel pawing at her breasts. Not ever her fantasies compared to this! There was nothing restrained about Sarah's touch; the woman wanted her, plain and simple, affirming that with each loving stroke. Fingers pinched and twiddled her rock-hard nipples, dragging whimpers of pleasure across her trembling lips. She began rolling her hips to a slow, seductive rhythm, her pussy so wet she was probably soaked through her panties to her jeans by now. The heat of desire was like a pot of molten lead between her legs, simmering out of control and threatening to boil over.

Bending forward, Karen found Sarah's lips again and kissed them. Those capable hands were still groping her breasts and she groaned into the kiss, capturing Sarah's wagging tongue and sucking on it.

"Mmm," Sarah murmured. "You are so fuckin' hot."

Karen moaned in response. It felt so good to be wanted like that again! Her kisses moved lower, to Sarah's neck, nipping the flesh while being careful not to leave traces of lovemaking that might be discovered later. Sarah writhed on the bed, sighing in pleasure, begging for more. She turned her attentions to Sarah's breasts once again, finding the nipples an irresistible sight. The firm nubs were quickly treated to sharp flicks of her tongue. She darted back and forth between them, making sure neither went unloved. Beneath her Sarah wriggled with delight and Karen suspected both of them were so cranked up either could explode within moments. She scooted down the bed further still.

Though Karen had managed to get Sarah's jeans undone she had still not taken them off. She did so with great anticipation, pulling them over curvaceous hips to gaze down at Sarah's sopping went cunt. Her insides quivered with excitement. Such a beautiful thing to behold! It was gorgeous! Thick, coarse brown hair surrounded full outer lips that were unfurled just a bit to give her a glimpse of the glossy pink interior. And the smell of it! Karen licked her chops. The scent of that unfamiliar pussy was like a breath of fresh air after a summer rainstorm, sweet and intoxicating. Karen inhaled the musky fragrance and her nostrils flared in hunger. She needed a taste.

Parting the netherlips with her fingers, Karen dove in. She lapped feverishly at Sarah's cunt, probing with her tongue, savoring the piquant flavor of Sarah's woman-flesh. It was new, exciting, and Karen couldn't get enough of it. Her tongue burrowed deep into that warm, wet furrow, licking up the sweet juices that flowed there. In response Sarah arched and wriggled on the bed, hips thrusting to meet each jab of her tongue. Karen could feel the vaginal walls clenching around her in fits of pre-orgasmic pleasure and sought out Sarah's clit. The nub of flesh poked out of its protective sheath, begging for attention. She pummeled it with her tongue, making it swell large enough where she could suck on it.

"Oh! Oh!" Sarah cried. "Yes! Karen! That's it, baby! Yes! Yes! I'm almost there! Just a little more! Oh God!"

Sarah heaved off the bed in the throes of a violent climax, releasing a flood of sweet cream that Karen was more than eager to guzzle down. She licked Sarah's cunt dry then cleaned the wetness that had splashed over her inner thighs, not missing a drop. Satisfied that she'd gotten it all, Karen clawed her way back up the bed and into Sarah's arms. Sarah welcomed her with a kiss so ferocious it left her panting for breath. Not even Janet had kissed her like that! Never!

Rolling them both over without interrupting the kiss, Sarah shoved a hand down the front of Karen's pants and began rubbing her cunt through the damp front of her panties. Karen arched against the woman on top of her, moaning over lips that never strayed from hers for more than the second it took them to gasp for air. Insistent fingers slipped under the crotch of her underwear to stroke her hot, wet slit, ardently caressing her silken folds until she was blubbering with need.

"Mmm . . . oh . . . Sarah!" Karen sobbed. "Please! You're killing me!"

Sarah laughed, kissing her again then moving down to suckle her tits. The hand in her pants remained where it was while the mouth that had so thoroughly kissed her now devoured a breast. The woman was an animal! She moved from one breast to the other, gnawing on them like a dog with a chew toy. That combined with the fingers stroking her pussy had Karen fidgeting impatiently on the bed. This woman would be the death of her!

Upping the ante, Sarah slipped a finger into her cunt and wiggled it. Karen practically howled in pleasure. She was so wound up that even the slightest touch in the right place and she would uncoil. Sarah plunged in and out of her slick hole, finger-fucking her to the point of release while shamelessly ravishing her breasts. Her nipples, having turned to solid rock, had become playthings for Sarah to flick with her tongue. It was madness! And yet Karen never felt more alive than at that moment, with Sarah's fingers wrenched up her cunt and a hungry mouth at her breast. She gasped and sighed in a state of sheer bliss, hovering on the edge of climax for an interminable time.

Through the haze of pleasure that clouded her mind like fog, Karen realized that Sarah was moving down her bare midriff with kisses. She moaned in approval, lifting up slightly to help Sarah get her pants off. The scent of her arousal was thick in the air and hit her like a slap in the face. How she needed it! She spread her legs in a gross display of her wanton lust and Sarah moved between them, getting comfortable than putting that mouth on her cunt.

Karen squealed with delight. Now this woman knew how to lick out a pussy! That delicious tongue wagged inside her cunt, probing the depths of her passion, taking her to the heights of ecstasy. It was Heaven! And it was Hell, too, for she needed to come so bad and the waiting was torture. But Karen loved it. She was a prisoner, trapped in limbo with a greedy mouth sucking her pussy. That dark head was bobbing up and down between her legs at a frantic pace. Sarah must have sensed her scrutiny for she looked up, grinning, her face covered in a sheen of sticky juices. Their gazes locked for a moment then Sarah went back to eating her out, flicking that tongue over her cuntlips.

Slamming her head back against the pillow, Karen groaned. Her entire body felt like it was on fire. That damned woman was licking her right out of her skin! She could feel the orgasm gathering within her like dark clouds on the horizon promising a torrential downpour. Each jab of that tongue brought those clouds a little closer. Then Sarah found her clit and the first drops began to fall.

"Oh! Sarah!" Karen shrieked. She clutched at the bed, grabbing fistfuls of bedsheet and holding on for deal life as Sarah flicked her engorged clit. The pressure swelling behind her mons was so great now it actually hurt. She was so close now . . . so very close . . . then her muscles tightened, her legs went rigid and she erupted in climax. The power of it lifted her off the bed but Sarah pushed her flat again, licking her with abandon, riding out the tidal wave of juices that gushed out of her. She couldn't remember ever having such a long, intense, and satisfying orgasm. It was incredible! And it wasn't over! Sarah kept right on licking her, turning around and straddling her to put that cunt and ass right in her face.

Murmuring wordless approval, Karen slid her hands over the smooth globes that were Sarah's buttocks. So firm! God! The woman was either blessed or worked out for hours to get her ass that hard. Karen marveled at it, stroking it with the flats of her hands. She knew she was getting to Sarah when the woman moaned into her cunt. Taking her cue, Karen pried open Sarah's ass cheeks to expose the little rosebud nestled within then flicked it with her tongue. Sarah moaned again, wiggling that tight ass in her face.

That was all the incentive Karen needed. She bent closer and tongued Sarah's asshole, pushing in deep. The act itself was reward enough but her efforts made Sarah lick even faster and she grunted between jabs of her tongue, hoping she could keep it up with such a wonderful distraction unfolding between her legs.

Karen swirled her tongue around the ring of Sarah's anus then pushed in again, fucking Sarah up the ass. Though she could have kept it up all night but Karen so wanted another taste of that delectable cunt. Pressing both thumbs into Sarah's tight hole, Karen then licked down to Sarah's slit and buried her face in the warm, moist haven. She lapped at the swollen pussylips, sucking them.

The room soon filled with the sounds of the two of them licking each other out. Sharp gasps and deep moans punctuated the soft, wet squishing noises that two dripping wet cunts are wont to make. Since both of them had been treated to wracking orgasms they took their time building to climax now, keeping their tongues busy in each other's pussy, drawing out the pleasure until release was inevitable. Then both of them came, together, at last, each groaning into a spasming cunt.

The aftermath found them curled up together in the middle of the bed, their legs entwined, their hands roaming sweaty flesh, their mouths crushed together in a series of hot, passionate kisses. Karen sighed contentedly. She had needed that so much. Life with Janet had become so mundane . . . so predictable . . . so devoid of passion. Being with Sarah reminded her that she was a sexual creature with appetites that needed to be sated from time to time. She felt whole again for the first time in years.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Sarah asked.

Karen brushed the hair from Sarah's face. "Neither of us wants to be unfaithful to our significant others again, right?"

"Something like that, yeah," Sarah said. "No regrets?"

"None," Karen said, kissing Sarah again. "It was wonderful . . . you are wonderful. Your partner is a very lucky woman."

"So is yours," Sarah replied.

Karen stared into Sarah's eyes for a long time then leaned closer to kiss that lush mouth. Sarah returned the kiss, the hunger surfacing again, sliding hands down her back to fondle her bottom. Karen moaned softly.

"You know," Karen whispered, "technically this is a continuation of the same dalliance. So we wouldn't actually be cheating on our lovers again."

"Well, the room is paid up for another hour, " Sarah mused. "It would be a shame to let it go to waste."

"A tragedy," Karen said, pulling Sarah to her again for the last time. "An absolute tragedy . . ."