Perfect Fit
JT Langdon

I have the best job in the world, Carrie thought. She looked up from the Victoria's Secret catalog splayed open on the service counter and gazed across the small store that beared the catalog's name, seeing a wide assortment of bras, panties and skimpy negligees . . . but not one customer. She loved it. It was like a dream come true; she spent her entire day surrounded by lingerie, looked at pictures of gorgeous woman modeling it, and went uninterrupted for hours at a time . . . and she got paid to do it.

She stared out into the mall, idly watching the people passing by the shop. It was fall, and with school in full session the mall had been all but abandoned . . . populated mostly by senior citizens walking from one end of the mall to the other for exercise. On occasion a curious face would peer in to see what secrets Victoria was keeping . . . and Carrie would catch sight of the peeper, giving them a smile that made them blush and scurry on their way in embarrassed silence.

Serves them right, Carrie thought wickedly, smiling as she turned back to the catalog open in front of her. She had been particularly fixated by the picture of a young blond with large breasts and long legs modeling a frilly light blue teddy. The woman had pouty red lips, pursed together just right to approximate her other lips . . . the ones the teddy conveniently -if not frustratingly- concealed. Carrie stared at the picture and sighed longingly as she ran her fingers over the picture . . . wishing she could run her fingers over the model in the picture.

The lingerie itself was much too risqué for her own tastes; she'd never wear something so provocative. She preferred the simplicity of white cotton panties, the ones usually purchased in packs of three. The kind of stuff on display around her . . . that just wasn't meant for her . . . not meant for her body . . . her breasts . . . her belly . . . her bottom.

Carrie looked up again, gasping in surprise as she realized there was a customer in the store. The woman looked to be in her late thirties or early forties, coming off as very prim and proper in a navy blue business suit over a white blouse. The tight blue skirt allowed only a glimpse of the woman's legs, but from what little Carrie saw they were lovely . . . long, muscular, nicely filling out a pair of taupe pantyhose. The woman was casually moving from rack to rack, the tips of long fingers stroking the sheer fabric of satin panties before moving on to caress a peach-colored nightie. Carrie swallowed the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat, her mind quickly filled with the image of the woman wearing that peach nightie, long ebony hair cascading down those slim shoulders just begging for her touch. She circled around the counter, wiping sweaty palms on the legs of her jeans.

"May I help you?" Carrie asked. Her gaze drifted to the swell of the other woman's bosom for just the briefest of moments, long enough for her to spot the plastic name tag with Marion written in gold block letters . . . long enough for her to discover that Marion had large, plump breasts hidden under that white blouse.

"Just looking for now, " Marion said, rifling through a rack of crotchless panties.

"You look familiar, " Carrie lied. "Do you work in the mall?"

"Mmmhmm, " Marion replied. "Just a few stores down."

"Right, " Carrie said, nodding. "I thought I recognized you."

Marion smiled. "Yes. I thought I'd stop by on my lunch break and have a look around . . . . see what strikes my fancy."

Carrie took a deep breath and released slowly, heat rising within her as she watched Marion fondle a lace bra with wire support. It looked damned uncomfortable, Carrie thought, but then she imagined Marion's ample breasts filling it out and the heat in her belly flared out of control. Then Marion stopped to admire a black lace teddy and Carrie nearly lost it. The thought of this gorgeous woman in that black teddy made her so wet she was afraid it would soak through her jeans.

"Oh, now that is lovely, " Marion said.

Carrie nodded. "It is, isn't it? I'm sure you would-"

"Oh, its not for me, " Marion said. "I'm looking to get a gift . . . for someone special."

Carrie felt the world being yanked out from underneath her and tried not to look crestfallen. She managed her best salesperson smile even though her inner voice was howling in pain. "Well . . . she must be very special to receive a gift like this. Just let me know the size and I'll wrap it up for you."

"Hmmm, " Marion said. "I don't know. It looks good on the rack . . . but I don't know how good it will look on her." Carrie felt heat rising in her cheeks as Marion turned to look at her, narrowed eyes roaming her body in appraisal. "This is going to sound just awful . . . but . . . well, she's about your size. I don't suppose you would even consider trying this on for me so I can see how it looks?"

Carrie gave a hitched breath, her insides fluttering as if she'd swallowed a beehive. It felt like her cheeks were on fire, turning a dark crimson . . . like the blood that was making her clit swell.

"Th-that is a bit unusual," Carrie stammered. "Please?"

Carrie was sure her legs would give out and she would go crashing to the floor like a newborn fawn struggling to take its first step and failing miserably. The chance of another customer coming in and demanding her attention was slim at best, and any trouble she might get in to was insignificant next to the idea of having Marion see her half naked . . . even if it was just to see how good the teddy might look on another woman.

"Well . . . I suppose, " Carrie said.

"Thank you, " Marion said. "I'll be right outside the door."

Carrie took the black teddy off the rack and retreated to the fitting room. She couldn't believe she was actually doing this! Modeling lingerie for a total stranger! She kicked off her shoes and slowly got undressed, feeling a sudden rush of pleasure at standing there buck naked with Marion just on the other side of the changing room door. She turned to consider herself in the mirror, not at all surprised to find her nipples hard and the brown hair covering her pussy damp with excitement.

"You okay in there?" Marion asked.

"Fine, " Carrie squeaked. Taking the black teddy off the hangar she studied it a moment, trying to figure out how to put it on. Then it came to her. She carefully slipped into the teddy, amazed at how much she liked the feel of the smooth fabric against her skin. She turned to the side, checking her profile in the mirror. It looked good.


"It fits nice, " Carrie said.

"Then I can come in?"

Carrie shuddered. "Um . . . sure." She snatched a breath and held it as the door opened and Marion stepped in. The fitting room barely accommodated one person; with Marion in there with her it felt like being on a crowded bus with nowhere to go but off. Somehow Marion managed to get behind her, looking over her shoulder to consider the image in the mirror . . . the image of her standing there in a black teddy. Carrie watched Marion's dark eyes studying her reflection . . . every curve . . . every bulge, roaming up and down the length of her body . . . seeming to linger on her cleavage for a moment . . . then moving down again . . . down to where the crotch of the teddy framed her cunt. She felt lightheaded under Marion's scrutiny . . . felt the sweat forming at her temples . . . felt the wetness dripping between her legs.

"Looks nice, " Marion said. "It looks very nice."

Carrie felt Marion's hand on her thigh and she gasped, watching the mirror as Marion's hand slowly moved upward to cup her breast. The other woman's touch was firm . . . insistent, massaging and squeezing her breast to a slow, steady rhythm that had her breathing unevenly in no time. Then a thumb stroked her nipple through the skimpy fabric and Carrie moaned softly, pushing back to mash herself against Marion's body.

"Feels nice, too, " Marion said.

"Yes, " Carrie replied lazily. "It does . . . "

"It's not too tight in the crotch, is it?" Marion asked.

Carrie whimpered as Marion's hand reached down between her legs, sliding along her thigh. Her cunt ached with the need to be touched . . . the heat so unbearable . . . so intense. Fingers tugged at the crotch of the teddy, seeing if it would yield.

"A little snug, " Marion said.

"Not too bad, " Carrie sighed. She saw Marion's devilish smile in the mirror and closed her eyes with a sigh, leaning back as fingers pushed aside the crotch of the teddy and began rubbing her cunt . . . not yet going inside, just slow gentle strokes . . . caressing her outer lips, spreading the wetness around and around. She rolled her head on Marion's shoulder, muttering breathlessly as determined fingers pressed into her . . . firm, demanding . . . circling her clit . . . then moving lower . . . caressing her swollen folds.

Carrie felt the touch of lips on her neck at the same moment those talented fingers thrust into her pussy. She stifled a cry, chewing on her lower lip to muffle the sounds of her pleasure as Marion pumped in and out of her cunt with two fingers. Each deep, hard thrust pushed her closer to the edge . . . closer to the release she so desperately sought. The pressure swelled in her belly, like an over-inflated balloon about to burst. She ground her ass into Marion's crotch and Marion's free hand circled her waist, holding her close as fingers seized her clit and stroked it. Carrie bucked in Marion's arms, heaving forward with a muffled grunt as the pleasure spilled from her pussy. She struggled for air, dimly aware of the lips kissing her neck.

"I'll take it, " Marion whispered.

"I'll find another- "

"No, " Marion said firmly. "This one."

Carrie slumped against the wall of the fitting room as soon as Marion left, chest rising and falling with each labored breath. Little ripples of pleasure passed over her, making her shudder in delight. She took one last look at herself in the black teddy then slipped it off, exchanging it for the boring white panties that she quickly covered with the rest of her clothes.

She found Marion standing at the register, credit card in hand. Carrie rang up the order and scanned the card, rummaging around behind the counter for a gift box and tissue paper as she waited for credit approval. She folded the teddy and set it in the box, wrapping it up nice and neat. She watched Marion sign the charge slip then handed over the gift box.

"There you go, " Carrie said. "I hope your 'someone special' likes it."

Marion handed the box back to her and smiled. "You can let me know over dinner, " she said. "I'll meet you outside Sears after work. Do be sure to bring your appetite, okay? I know I'll be hungry."

Carrie stood there, gift box in hand . . . speechless, watching through glossy eyes as Marion left the store . . . a last wiggle of that lovely backside giving her a pretty good idea what the night held in store for her. She hugged the box to her chest and sighed contentedly.

I love working here, Carrie thought.