Steam rises around us
Both naked and wet
Wrapped up in each other
Sharing a kiss

I touch you and stroke you
Using my hands
Sliding them over you
Cupping a breast

You feel wonderful
Pressed up against me
Our bodies are moving
The moaning begins

Your hands down my back now
Pulling me to you
Like fire it burns me
I whimper out loud

And then I would take you
Right there where we stand
Moving my hand between
Your legs, to tease you

You moan and you whimper
Arching against me
Hands tangled in my hair
You whisper my name

This is how I want you
Fingers inside you
My lips at your ear now
Breathing, "I love you."

And then as you climax
Your mouth comes to mine
I hold you close to me
The storm rages on

And when all is quiet
With you in my arms
The world is perfect
And I am in love