JT Langdon

The hands. I always notice the hands first. Some women prefer a nice pair of eyes, or a radiant smile. Others will be blunt and admit to checking out a well-rounded ass, or a plump pair of breasts. Not me. Those things are nice, don't get me wrong. But I notice them after the fact, and without much interest. But a woman's hands? Oh God. Seeing a nice pair of hands will do me in each and every time.

Vikki has gorgeous hands. Long, slender fingers, manicured, of course, with white crescents on each nail, like moons rising in the night sky. And smooth . . . oh, she has the smoothest hands I've ever had inside me. Those hands are like satin, I swear.

I met her at a regional sales meeting. Pharmaceutical reps from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and Indiana had gathered in a conference room at the O'Hare Raddison to discuss business and how to expand it. Most of the discussions taking place bored me and all I could think about was going back up to my room, taking out the wand, and buzzing myself to orgasm. Perhaps I would make an evening out of it: order room service, watch a dirty movie, and buzz all night. It sounded like a good plan to me, and I was getting damp just thinking about it when two women stood up to address the conference.

Nothing about either of them impressed me and I almost drifted back to thoughts of the wand when the woman on the left began speaking in sign language. She immediately had my attention. Those hands! So sleek, graceful! It was like watching ballet being performed in midair. I could not believe how elegant those hands looked. She made several more gestures then paused, gorgeous hands poised at her sides like a gunslinger about to draw.

The woman on the right smiled. "Hi everybody. My name is Vikki. I'm a sales manager from Minneapolis. I know we're all tired, so I will try to keep it brief. Which, for anyone who knows me, is next to impossible."

Sales reps around the table chuckled. Vikki began signing again and the woman next to her translated for the group, but I didn't hear a single word that was said. I was transfixed with Vikki's hands, watching them form shapes I did not understand but fell in love with on the spot. In passing I noticed she was wearing a turquoise sport's coat over a white blouse and pair of dark slacks, either black or navy, I couldn't tell. The outfit hinted at a luscious figure but it was her hands that made me twitch with desire.

I wanted those hands on me.

The meeting was over before I knew it. I was so entranced with Vikki's hands that I didn't notice the reps around me getting up to leave. More than a little embarrassed, I looked around but didn't see Vikki or her interpreter. Damn! I'd hoped to catch her after the meeting and see if she had plans for dinner. But now she was gone!

I gathered the materials that had been handed out to us and walked out, needing a drink. The bar was more crowded than I expected it to be that early in the evening, but the hotel was hosting several other conferences and all of them, it seemed, had called it a night. There were some familiar faces in the crowd but even more I had never seen before. For I moment I reconsidered going in there; it would have been much easier to have a bottle of wine sent up to my room.

But then I saw her. She was standing at the bar with her interpreter, signing with flourish. I was hypnotized by her movements for a moment but I was determined not to let her escape me again.

Taking a deep breath, I headed for the bar. Vikki noticed me approaching and smiled, putting down her drink to sign for me. I turned to her interpreter.

"Hello there. You're the sales rep from Fort Wayne."

"That's right," I told the interpreter.

Vikki signed again.

"I can read lips," the interpreter translated, "so you can look at me."

"Sorry," I said, blushing.

Vikki signed and the interpreter said, "That's okay. Just letting you know. Would you like to join me for a drink?"

"I'd love to," I said.

Vikki flagged down the bartender, held up her glass, and made a sign even I could understand . . . holding up two fingers. The bartender poured us each a Scotch and I took mine, flashing Vikki what I hoped was a seductive smile.

"Thanks," I said. "I love Scotch."

Vikki sipped her drink, set it down, smiled, then signed at me.

The interpreter said, "I'm sorry you didn't find my remarks as enjoyable. You seemed bored at the meeting."

I blushed.

"Do you find me boring?" Vikki asked through her interpreter.

"No," I said, making sure to look straight at her so she could read my lips. "I was just . . . distracted."

Vikki smiled at that and her eyes seemed to sparkle. She signed again and I shuddered just from watching her hands. Dear God, they were so beautiful.

"It was nice to meet you," the interpreter said. "Have a good night."

The coldness of rejection swept through me until the interpreter smiled and left. Then it dawned on me she hadn't been translating a message from Vikki, but speaking for herself. I watched her go then turned to Vikki, feeling nervous despite the warm smile that greeted me. Her gaze seemed to be asking a question.

"I don't know any sign language," I said.

Vikki smiled and shook her head "yes" then "no" then took a sip of Scotch, waiting for me to catch on. It took me a moment, but I did.

"You want me to ask yes and no questions?"

Vikki nodded yes.

"That makes it a little tough to communicate, doesn't it?"

Vikki answered with a silent, "No."

I laughed. This could be fun or frustrating. I was banking on fun. "Do you come here often?"

Vikki laughed and shook her head.

"Um, let's see. Do you like working in sales?"

Yes, she nodded. Her eyebrows went up. A question.

"Sure, I like it," I said, taking a sip of my drink. "I meet some interesting people."

Vikki smiled and her eyes asked the next logical question.

"Yes, I think you're very interesting," I said.

And so it continued. I asked, she answered. It was tough framing each question in a way that could be answered with a yes or a no, but I managed, and between the yeses and nos and our body language, we got to know each other pretty well. After the second Scotch I found the courage to be more direct with my questions.

"Do you find me attractive, Vikki?"

Vikki nodded yes.

The two of us stared at each other for a long time, saying more with our eyes than two people could ever say with all the words ever invented. Then, finally, I asked the last question left between us.

"Do you want to go up to my room?"

Vikki put her hand on my arm and nodded yes. Her touch sent shivers down my back. God, those hands! So soft . . . so smooth.

I didn't think I could wait until we got to my room, but I did, though once the door was closed the waiting ended. We came together like waves hitting the shore, crashing, tumultuous, our mouths fused together in a searing, passionate kiss while we pawed and grabbed at each other. Vikki's hands slipped under my blouse, and I gasped at their softness as she moved across my belly to cup a breast. God! Even better than I imagined! When she captured my tongue and began sucking it I moaned into the kiss, wild with a need that had come upon me with a vengeance.

Those hands. Those amazing hands. I needed to feel them all over me.

The kisses deepened further still and the room around us vanished. There was nothing but us now, two women, desperate, needing each other, ripping at clothes to stand there naked, sweaty, wanting. I fell to the bed and pulled Vikki with me, rolling her onto her back. There is nothing like full-body contact, when two naked lovers are stretched across each other, mouth to mouth, breast to breast, cunt to cunt. I could feel the heat of Vikki's pussy against mine, and her wetness matched the slick juices spilling from my slit. Kissing her again, I began rocking against her like a bitch in heat, our cunts rubbing against each other, the friction delicious. Vikki clawed at my back, wild, demanding, her soft hands moving down my shoulders to grab my ass. Her hands! I didn't need an interpreter to translate what they were telling me.

The hands pawing at my ass cried, "Fuck me . . . fuck me!"

I moved lower to suckle a breast, flicking Vikki's nipple before seizing it firmly between my lips. The plump nub hardened in my mouth and Vikki begged for more, not with words, but with the fingers she ran through my hair. I responded to her pleas, moving from breast to breast, sucking her nipples, nipping them lightly, working them over with my tongue. Vikki writhed underneath me, hands tangled in my hair, pulling me lower . . . lower . . . making it clear where she wanted me to go next. I had no intention of disappointing her.

Planting a soft, loving kiss on her breast, I backed down the bed until I was poised above her cunt. Is there anything more beautiful than a woman spread open? If ever I had thought so, the sight of Vikki drawing her legs up to offer her pussy to me dispelled such notions. She was gorgeous. Shaved and pink and ripe for the taking. I breathed in the scent of her arousal, sharp, pungent, then buried my face in her slick flesh. Vikki groaned deep in her throat, thrusting her hips against me as I went down on her. I traced the shape of her slit with my tongue, lapping at her puffy folds, making her wild and even wetter. She tasted like truffles, an earthy musk, and I lost myself in the taste of her. I pushed my tongue between her cuntlips, exploring the depths of her, making her wild with need. Vikki pounded her fists on the bed yes yes yes, and I swirled my tongue around inside her, pushing her to the brink, finding her limit, letting her teeter there on the edge of madness. I'm such a bitch. The incessant throbbing of her cunt told me she could take no more. I peeled back her lips and exposed her clit fully to me, pressing my lips to the firm little nub and sucking it hard. Vikki came for me, screaming, fingers in my hair again, holding my mouth tight on her cunt as her sweet juices flowed over my lips

When I crawled into Vikki's arms she kissed me, hungrily, hands on the move, touching me all over. I rolled onto my back, sighed, and gave myself to her, letting Vikki have me, losing myself in the feel of those hands . . . oh, those lovely hands! Her touch was Heaven, soft, gentle, but sure and full of purpose. She cupped a breast, squeezed it, using her thumb to bring my nipples to full erection before sucking them. But her hands were not idle, never stopping, moving slowly down my belly. I burned wherever she touched me, and Vikki touched me all over. Her tender hands had my body engulfed in flames and when she slid one of them up my thigh I almost lost it right there. Her fingers teased my slit and I spread for her, wanting her inside me. Vikki let go of my nipple and kissed me again, hard, devouring my lips as she thrust into me. I whimpered into the kiss, bucking against her fingers. Vikki plunged deep inside me, taking me, owning me body and soul, two fingers . . . three . . . four . . . all of them . . . all of them . . . oh God, she had her entire hand in my pussy! But she did more than fuck me . . . so much more. Her fingers danced inside me, twisting, stretching my cunt to the limit . . . Dear God . . . oh, Dear sweet God . . . she was signing . . . like sweet nothings whispered in my ear Vikki signed words inside me . . . and though I didn't have a clue what she was saying I answered her with a surging orgasm that left me shaken and gasping for breath.

But Vikki wasn't done with me. Oh, no. Even as the last ripples of orgasm subsided and I hovered in that glorious twilight between rapture and reality I became aware of the soft, tender kisses moving down my belly. I nodded approval, words needing more strength than I could muster, then Vikki got her mouth on me and I sank into the abyss of pleasure once more. Her tongue, like the wings on a humming bird, fluttered delicately across my slit. In the wake of such an intense climax I was more sensitive than before, but Vikki took such good care of me, loving me, her mouth tender and soothing. She licked me up and down, in no rush to get me off again, letting the pleasure build. But I needed her, too. I reached for her and Vikki looked up from between my legs, her face glistening with my desire for her.

"Let me have you," I said, mouthing the words without making a sound that she couldn't hear and I didn't need.

Vikki nodded, smiled, then turned around and straddled me on all fours. If there is nothing more beautiful than the sight of a woman spread open, then damn . . . this is a close second. Her cunt and ass were both accessible to me and I didn't know which of the two I wanted more. I ran the flats of my palms over her buttocks, massaging them, and Vikki grunted into my pussy. She wanted it there. I pried her ass cheeks apart, exposing the puckered opening within, and flicked it with my tongue. Vikki moaned and pushed back against me, leaving no doubts. And I had none. I swirled my tongue around her asshole then pushed in a little . . . then a little more . . . thrusting into her ass. Vikki rolled her hips wildly, but never once stopped licking me. Nor did I ever forget that she had her tongue in my cunt. Her talented mouth wouldn't let me forget that. I wanted to return that favor. Teasing her asshole a moment longer, I dragged my tongue down to her sopping wet pussy and slipped inside, tasting her again, loving it even more the second time around. Vikki moaned into me and the two of us lost ourselves in each other, licking one another, the pleasure exquisite, the hunger mutual. Our efforts became one, the line where she ended and I began disappearing in a haze of lust. Time? That meant nothing. It just didn't exist in this place of wanting where Vikki and I had arrived. There was nothing but desire, two eager lovers feasting on each other, driving one another to the inevitable moment of release.

Later, was it hours? days? the two of us were cuddled together in bed. Vikki smiled at me, propped up on one elbow. She stroked my cheek with the back her of hand and I nuzzled her.

"Do you have to go?"

Vikki shook her head no.

"Do you want me to order room service?"

Yes, Vikki indicated with a nod.


Vikki nodded again.

"And then," I said, reaching out to her, "can we make love all night?"

Vikki smiled and nodded an emphatic yes, bending down to kiss me . . . hands on the move. I sighed. Oh, God . . . those hands.