Soccer Moms
JT Langdon

Maggie didn't even like soccer, and certainly not men's soccer, but she sat in the stands with the other wives and girlfriends all the same and cheered for the men jogging up and down the field. There was a good crowd on hand, thanks to the weather and the importance of the game, and Maggie sipped her diet Coke with a smile on her lips while she checked out the other women sitting in the bleachers.

None of them knew her secret. She played a little game of her own, something that made sitting there on a hot and humid southern Virginia night more bearable. None of them even suspected the nature of the game. And why should they? Maggie played the part of a thirty-five year old housewife with aplomb. No . . . none of them had caught on to the game. None of them had a clue.

Like the men chasing after the black and white checkered soccer ball she had a specific goal in mind. She wanted to score. And there was a time limit, too, self-imposed, yes, but rules made the game more fun. Maggie also wore a uniform, but nothing like the jerseys and shorts the men on the field wore. Those were cute, sure, but hers was better . . . much better. Her uniform was a white silk blouse, opened just a bit, because of the heat, of course, and a denim skirt that showed off her legs and tight butt, which she considered her two best features. Though she usually wore her shoulder-length blonde hair in a ponytail around the house Maggie preferred to wear it down when she began the game. She looked sexier like that, but not in an obvious come-fuck-me kind of way that might put off potential teammates.

The women around her cheered and Maggie joined them so at least it looked like the game on the field mattered to her. Nothing could have been further from the truth. She scanned the bleachers, tier after tier, in full game-mode, like a panther on the prowl. The size of the crowd gave her a great lineup to choose from and Maggie shuddered with delight. Some nights the pickings were dismally slim and she ended up going home with second-string types who were good enough but not winners. Her standings would improve tonight.

There were a number of contenders but in the end Maggie decided on a plump, raven-haired woman sitting in the fourth row. She couldn't remember seeing the woman at any of the games before and that intrigued her. Perhaps one of Cameron's soccer buddies had gotten a new girlfriend. There were a number of men on the team who were single at the moment and would have gone for the brunette with all her curves, showcased superbly in a black tanktop and beige cotton shorts. Maggie liked curves in a woman, and when the brunette turned and she got a glimpse of her full, round lips and dark eyes the game officially started.

Sipping her diet Coke, Maggie left her seat high up in the bleachers and moved down to the fourth row. The brunette flicked her a glance as she sat down then went back to watching the game and Maggie smiled inwardly. She could often tell from the opening play how the game would turn out; things were looking good so far.

"What's the score?' Maggie asked.

The brunette looked at her again. "Four to two."

"Thanks," Maggie said. She pretended to watch the soccer match though in fact she was looking the brunette over, breathing in the scent of department store perfume. Her insides were doing flip-flops and the game had just started!

"No problem," the brunette said, turning to her with a warm smile. "I'm Dana."

"Maggie. Which one is yours?"

Dana laughed. "The brown-haired one pretending to be a forward."

"Oh, you're Lonnie's wife?" Maggie asked. She had met Lonnie a couple of times and he had mentioned being married, though she had never met his wife or seen her at a game before now. Such a shame! The woman looked scrumptious! Why on Earth would Lonnie leave home to play soccer when he could be making love to this delectable woman?

"That's right," Dana replied, nodding. "So which one of these overgrown teenagers belongs to you?"

Maggie laughed. "The goalie who seems to be napping at the moment."

Dana nudged her, the fleeting contact sending chills down Maggie's spine. "You ever wonder why we even bother coming to these things?"

"Sometimes," Maggie said. "But then again . . . these poor guys really need our support!"

"No doubt about that," Dana said with a lilt in her voice. Maggie smiled. The game for tonight was getting off to a wonderful start.

* * * * *

The soccer match ended in another disappointing loss though Maggie wasn't all that upset about it. How could she be after spending the entire time talking to Dana, getting to know her, wanting her more and more with each passing the second? In between cheers, which were few and far between for their team, Maggie learned Dana was a real estate agent with hours that kept her from coming to most of the games. She told Dana that was a shame, that Cameron dragged her there week after week and how she would have loved someone there to keep her company. It was a small white lie, but not a total one. Though she loved the game she would have been just as content being there with Dana. There was something about the brunette that got to her, that made her insides flutter more than her other teammates had ever done.

Maggie suggested the two of them wait until the crowd thinned out a little before heading off in search of their husbands and Dana agreed. She was confident the game was going her way but the longer she kept Dana close to her the more points she put on the board and the better her chances were of winning. That had never been a problem before and Maggie didn't think it one now, but she wanted Dana too much to leave things to chance. So the two of them sat there on the bleachers, sharing the basic details of their lives. Maggie learned Dana was more or less content with her life and her marriage, though she had the usual complaints most couples have after being together for so long. In turn Maggie told Dana about her aspirations as a writer, of her love of music and art. Dana seemed impressed. From time to time Maggie worked in a double entendre and made passing references to her love life, pushing for a response. Dana laughed at her jokes and smiled at her borderline flirtatious banter until they were the only ones left in the stands.

"I guess we should go," Dana said.

"I guess," Maggie said, turning to her new friend. Time to take another shot. "Pretty soon the boys will think we ran off together."

Dana smiled sheepishly. "Well, we don't want them thinking that."

"Oh like it doesn't turn them on," Maggie said with a laugh.

"You think so?"

"Mmmhmm," Maggie purred. "My brother-in-law once told me any man who doesn't get turned on by the thought of two women making love is a liar."

"I suppose that's true," Dana said.

Maggie smiled and patted Dana on the arm. "So? Ready to go?"

"Yep," Dana replied, nodding.

Cameron and Lonnie were waiting for them in the parking lot, looking despondent, drenched in sweat, still wearing their soccer uniforms. Neither of them looked their best, Cameron with his short brown hair all mussed and Lonnie with his mane of dark curls bent out of shape. Just two aging jocks exhausted and defeated.

Maggie couldn't remember ever seeing a more pitiful sight in her life! She rushed up to Cameron and hugged him tight, consoling him. Her gaze remained on Dana the entire time, though, watching how Lonnie embraced her. "'Sorry you lost, sweetie."

"Yeah, yeah," Cameron grumbled.

"Now don't be a sore loser," Maggie warned.

"Too late."

Maggie stuck her tongue out at him then turned to Lonnie and Dana. Such a cute couple! She wanted to spend more time with both of them. "And I suppose you're grumpy too, huh?"

"Of course he is," Dana said, scratching Lonnie's gut and smiling at him. "Aren't ya, honey?"

Lonnie made a face.

"Awwwww," Maggie intoned. She threaded her arm around Cameron's and smiled. "I think what you two need is something to eat. Dana? Lonnie? Would you like to come over for dinner? We'd love to have you."

"It wouldn't be too much trouble?" Dana asked.

Maggie waved her off. "Of course not. Would it, baby?"

"Not at all," Cameron said.

Maggie heard the smile in his voice. He understood the rules of the game and she loved him for it. "So what do you say, guys? Dinner at our place?"

"Sounds great," Dana said.

Maggie smiled. She loved the part of the game that was coming up . . . the endgame.

* * * * *

Maggie stood over the kitchen sink sipping a glass of red wine through a satisfied smirk. Things were going better than she planned! She'd served up a perfect dinner for Lonnie and Dana, salad, fettucine alfredo, and garlic toast, then topped it off with chocolate-chip cheesecake for dessert. It was the most decadent combination she could think of, and, with wine flowing like a river, set just the right the tone for the final part of the game.

Throughout the evening Maggie had been impressed with Lonnie and Dana as a couple. Both of them were bright, charming people and she couldn't imagine what had taken so long for all of them to become friends. There was a definite chemistry among them, all of them, though Maggie could feel the connection with Dana getting stronger. The two of them chatted like old college roommates catching up on old times. She and Dana shared a number of interests, and with each new revelation Maggie found her attraction to this woman deepening. So now the stage was set at last for the final play of the game. She trusted Cameron to keep Lonnie occupied while she went to work on getting Dana into bed, but how do to go about it?

Maggie thought about it for a long moment. This was a crucial part of the game. She had never met a woman she couldn't seduce, but it all hinged on finding just the right approach. Something that worked on one woman could send another screaming from the house in terror. She couldn't afford to get it wrong this time. Dana and Lonnie were best friends in the making and she didn't want to ruin that, but Maggie couldn't give up on the game now. Not now when she was on the verge of having that tasty-looking woman under her mouth and hands.

Though Dana seemed comfortable with her, whenever the conversation even hinted at sex she had noticed Dana blushing something fierce. That made the game even sweeter but it meant she had to be careful. Nothing too obvious. Maggie had to let it happen, give Dana the illusion that she was in control. She couldn't force it. Dana would scamper from her like a frightened rabbit.

"How are things going in here?"

Maggie looked up as Dana came in with a handful of dirty plates. "I was just about to make some coffee."

"That sounds good."

Maggie opened a cupboard and searched for a new filter for the coffee maker, hearing Dana moving behind her. "I thought our dear husbands were going to clear the table."

"Those two?" Dana scoffed. "No, they decided we needed more wine and left the work for us while they ran to the liquor store."

Maggie shook her head, grinning the whole time. The perfect opportunity! She knew Cameron wouldn't let her down. "Well, I guess men will be boys, right?"

"Mmhmm. And it gives us a chance to be alone for a while."

There was a change in Dana's voice that sent a shiver up Maggie's spine. It sounded sexier now, more provocative. She turned around, slowly, heart racing a mile a minute when she saw the look of raw hunger on the other woman's face. Where had that come from?! She'd never seen a look so intense before! Though nothing about Dana's appearance had changed there was definitely something different about her. Maggie could feel it. This was not the timid creature she had been hitting on at dinner!

The shared look continued a moment longer then Maggie found herself pinned against the kitchen wall, Dana's mouth on her hers, the kiss deep, passionate, making her gasp for breath. Impatient hands slid over her, frisking her, touching her all over, finding the round of her breast, the curve of her hips, the globes of her buttocks. Things were happening so fast! The room was spinning . . . spinning . . . out of control. She could feel Dana's tongue sliding over her lips and opened her mouth to the kiss, capturing that wagging tongue and sucking it. Her overture earned a murmur of approval. Dana moved up her neck with kisses then began nibbling and sucking on her earlobe.

"I've wanted you all night," Dana muttered breathlessly.

Maggie started to answer but a sudden hand at her breast squeezed a moan out of her instead. She whimpered with pent-up need as Dana pawed at her bosom, like an animal, groping her, feeling her up, using the pad of her thumb to coax a nipple to erection. The firm, demanding touch made her damp with desire and she groaned into a kiss that seemed without end. How could this be happening? This was her game! But Dana was in control, and pinned to the wall Maggie had no means of reversing that situation. And did she even want to? She decided she didn't. Not with Dana's hands so expertly massaging her breast, the heel of Dana's palm pushing into her with determination.

"Dana," Maggie gasped. "Dana . . . ohhh . . . yes."

"Are you wet for me, baby?"

Maggie shuddered. In less the five minutes Dana owned her. She whimpered her answer for she could manage no words. "Mmmhmmmm."

Smiling, Dana gathered Maggie's wrists in one hand, lifted them over her head, and pushed them tight against the wall. Lust made Dana's nostrils flare and Maggie groaned, the wild look in the other woman's eyes turning her insides into gel. She returned the smoldering gaze and held it as Dana reached down with her free hand a slipped a hand under her denim skirt, pulling aside the crotch of her panties to get at her hot, wet slit. Dana teased her cuntlips with the tips of her fingers and Maggie groaned.

"Mmmm . . . you are wet," Dana said.

Maggie breathed out a sigh. "Please . . ."

"Please what, lover?" Dana asked, rubbing her slit. "I can't know what you want unless you tell me."

"G-go inside," Maggie stammered. She had never been so desperate in her life but how she longed to have Dana's fingers in her pussy! Her need eclipsed all rational thought. Nothing else mattered but having Dana fuck her right there in the kitchen.

The two of them stared at each other, breathing hard, time stretching on forever before Dana slid two fingers into her slick cunt. Maggie groaned in relief as much as pleasure, hips bucking as Dana took her. Such experienced fingers! In no time at all she could feel the crest of a surging climax rising within her. She could do that forever on her own and not come. Sometimes she gave up in frustration. Now Dana had her on the verge of orgasm in just a few strokes! Her cunt throbbed in pre-climactic spasms and Maggie panted with desire.

"Are you gonna come, Maggie?"

"Yes! Yes!"

"Mmmm . . . no," Dana said, withdrawing her fingers despite Maggie's whine of protest. "Not just yet, love. I want to go down on you. But you have to keep your hands above your head or I'll stop and never finish. All right?"

Maggie nodded. She could do nothing else.

Dana released her wrists and kissed the tip of her nose before sliding down to the floor, kneeling on the cold ceramic tile and lifting up her skirt. The feel of Dana's ragged breath on the insides of her thighs dragged a sigh across Maggie's lips . . . then Dana pulled down her panties, she felt Dana's breath on her cunt, and her sigh became a moan of longing. As much as she had needed Dana's fingers inside her minutes before she needed that tongue inside her even more now and when it happened it was like a drink of water after two weeks in the desert. Maggie groaned in pleasure as Dana's tongue slithered over her pussylips, teasing her for an agonizing moment before going inside.

"Oh God! Yes!" Maggie cried. She slammed her head back against the wall, feeling no pain, lost in the sensation of Dana's mouth on her cunt. There was nothing else like it. The woman had a bona fide gift for licking pussy! Oh God! Currents of delicious pleasure traveled through her entire body, leaving no part of her unaffected. Her arms ached from keeping them over her head so long but there was no chance in hell she would drop them now. Not for a million bucks! Maggie could feel the pressure building against her mons, sharp, even painful, and she wasn't about to do anything that would stop Dana from granting her the release she craved.

"Yes! Yes! Dana, yes! Oh God! I'm going to come!" The words poured out of her until there was nothing left to express her desire but groans and grunts and high-pitched squeals. Maggie thought her clitoris would explode form the tension then like an angel of mercy Dana's tongue was there, fluttering over her nubbin of a clit, the most delicate touch she could imagine . . . but that soft touch was more than enough to send her into orbit, screeching at the top of her lungs as she came, fast and furious, until she sagged back against the wall with a tired sigh.

Dana got up and wiped her lips, grinning like a cat with feathers in its mouth. "That was nice. But now I want mine. Why don't you show me your bedroom."

"But the guys-" Maggie began. An upraised hand cut her off.

"Lonnie knows better than to come back too soon," Dana said, winking at her. "So, do you wanna go upstairs or not?"

Maggie laughed, shaking her head. She had been beaten at her own game by a better player, but she wasn't going to be a sore loser. In fact, losing just might have some advantages after all.