Spin Cycle
JT Langdon

Kelly scooped an armful of wet clothes out of the washer and sighed. There were a million things she could be doing at 11:30 on a Saturday night . . . a million places she could be . . . and sitting in an all night Laundromat doing her laundry was probably the least attractive of them all. She hefted her load to the line of dryers on the wall and tossed the damp bundle inside along with a crumpled dryer sheet that she would probably use at least two more times before the night was over. Fishing in her pocket for quarters, she popped one into the slot and started the dryer.

She returned to the little corner of the Laundromat that she had staked out for herself, taking a sip of Diet Pepsi before diving back into her reading. The book was a cheap romance novel plucked from the supermarket book rack . . . a genuine bodice-ripper, a piece of unashamed pulp rife with flowery prose that either made her feel warm all over or violently nauseous, depending on her mood. It didn't help that all the couples in these novels were boy/girl; but, she did what she so often did and imagined it was some dark haired beauty with full lips sweeping the heroine off her feet and not some smarmy, big chested hunk of a man. In her fantasy world, well developed pectoral muscles became delicious round breasts waiting to be fondled . . . a bulging member became a hot, swollen clitoris just begging to be sucked.

The sound of the door opening forced her to stop just as a pair of hands were slipping inside the blouse of the main character in the novel. Kelly looked up, mildly perturbed at the intrusion. The reason she came to the Laundromat so late in the first place was to be alone, which she always was. Justified or not, she'd come to feel she had the run of the place. The sudden intrusion into her turf raised her hackles and summoned a growl deep in her throat, like a junkyard dog preparing to defend its property.

Kelly bit back the words forming on her tongue when she saw the delectable creature who had walked in. The woman had a short crop of dark hair married with a lean face and piercing dark eyes. She was dressed in a leather jacket over a T-shirt and khaki shorts . . . with boots not quite matching the jacket . . . but it was close enough to be acceptable. Kelly shifted in her chair, suddenly feeling self-conscious in her sweatshirt and jeans and white tennies. The woman offered her a smirk and it was only then that Kelly realized she had been staring.

Well at least I'm not drooling, Kelly thought. She pretended to go back to her reading, but her eyes peered over the top of the book in wolfish hunger as she watched the other woman dump a brown paper bag full of dirty clothes into a machine. Hands dug in pockets in search of change and Kelly imagined those hands stroking her body instead, like the scene in the novel she pretended to read . . . hands cupping her breasts, massaging them . . . tweaking the nipples ever so gently until they stiffened to needy erection. Then lips, full and wet, descending upon her with a voracious hunger . . . kissing . . . sucking . . . nibbling ever-so-lightly until she cried out . . . head thrown back in desire . . .

Kelly put her book down and stood on wobbly legs, trying to look casual as she walked over to the change machine. The woman was even more beautiful up close, and Kelly caught a whiff of something heavenly in the air . . . some exotic perfume. The woman was bent over the washing machine, wiggling that tight ass while adjusting the wash settings. Kelly swallowed hard. She imagined covering that lovely bottom with kisses, swirling her tongue into the tight rosebud of an anus she just knew those shorts concealed.

The woman turned around. Kelly quickly slipped a dollar bill into the slot of the change machine, tapping her foot impatiently. Her change sputtered out and she hastily collected it, stuffing the quarters into the pockets of her jeans. The woman snorted, giving her a final look before heading out the door. Kelly whimpered softly, her eyes fixated on the sway of the other woman's hips . . . the look of those creamy thighs . . . the round of that gorgeous ass disappearing into the night.

Oh well, Kelly thought wistfully. She started back to her little corner and the book that awaited her, the little interest she had in finishing it evaporating. Then she spotted something out of the corner of her eye and stopped, heart thudding excitedly in her chest.

There on the floor in front of the washing machine the woman had been loading was a pair of light blue cotton panties.

Kelly stole a glance around the Laundromat, confirming she was alone. She licked her lips, reaching down with trembling hands to snatch the pair of abandoned panties. The material was soft in her fingers and she clutched them possessively, slowly bringing them to her cheek and nuzzling them . . . feeling a hint of dampness. Heat swirled in her belly, making her lightheaded. She cupped the panties in her hands as if they were some religious offering and buried her face in the smooth cotton fabric, inhaling the sweet musk of a total stranger. The scent was heady . . . pungent, invading her senses as she imagined feasting on the cunt that could exude such a heavenly fragrance.

"You plan on giving those back?"

Kelly practically jumped out of her skin, slamming hard into an idle washing machine as she turned around. The dark haired woman in her leather jacket and khaki shorts stared back her, a wry smile curving those lush and utterly kissable lips upwards. Kelly felt the sting of embarrassed heat in her cheeks as if she'd been slapped. She began to speak then cut herself off, realizing there was nothing she could say -no matter how charming- that was likely to get her out of this with even a sliver of her dignity intact . . . not after getting caught with her nose in this woman's dirty underwear.

"What's your name, honey?"

"K-Kelly, " she stammered.

"I'm Angie, " the woman said, stepping toward her. Kelly hiccuped nervously as Angie leaned in close . . . so close she could feel the woman's warm breath tickling her cheek. A hand came from nowhere and cupped her breast, squeezing gently. Kelly sucked in a sharp breath and released it slowly, the arousal she saw in the other woman's eyes making her nostrils flare.

Angie smiled warmly, pressing into her nipples with the pad of a thumb until she gasped. Kelly slid her own hands inside Angie's jacket, tracing the other woman's curves with a hunger that was rapidly spinning out of control. She felt herself being pulled forward and put up no resistance as Angie kissed her, quickly making a meal out of her trembling lips. She returned the kiss with equal fervor, opening her mouth wide in hunger. The tip of an eager tongue danced around her own, making her dizzy with need. Her hands still inside Angie's leather jacket, she slid them back to grasp the other woman's ass. She kneaded the solid flesh between her fingers, squeezing and caressing the round globes. Angie moaned softly, moving to playfully suck on her earlobe.

"Did you like sniffing my panties, Kelly?"

Kelly sighed between kisses, the hand massaging her breast through her thick sweatshirt making her tremble with desire as her own hands fondled Angie's hard, tight ass. "Yes."

"Mmmm, " Angie murmured, stroking her breast more firmly. "I bet you'd like to get more . . . directly from the source."

"Yes, " Kelly whispered. "Yes . . . " Placing her hands on Angie's waist she knelt down on the floor, her face now just a few inches from Angie's crotch. Her hands slid from Angie's waist to stroke the back of muscular thighs. The feel of the other woman's skin under her hands sent tiny shivers through Kelly's body, like sudden jolts of electricity. She unsnapped Angie's shorts and unzipped the fly, peeling the shorts apart like opening a birthday present. Kelly found herself staring into the most beautiful pussy she had ever seen, the dark hair neatly trimmed . . . not wild and unruly like her own bush. Pangs of hunger echoed in her belly, making her own cunt ache. She raked her fingers through the soft, dark hair, making Angie purr softly above her. Her finger traced the soft lines of the other woman's netherlips, feeling the slickness that coated them. She made small circled with the tip of her finger, loving the way it felt . . . loving even more the way it made Angie whimper. Her finger traveled up and down the length of Angie's slit, making lazy figure eights . . . circling the other woman's clit . . . moving down and around . . . slowly . . . then just as slowly she pulled back the moist cuntlips, holding Angie's pussy open with two fingers. Kelly flicked her tongue against Angie's clit then moved lower, lapping hungrily at the folds of the other woman's cunt. The heavenly scent she had savored before flooded over her until she was drowning in it. Kelly swirled her tongue deep into Angie's pussy, greedily slurping up the juices her furious tongue-fucking had unleashed. Angie bucked against her, hips thrusting forward to push that sweet, delicious cunt into her mouth. Kelly grunted with effort, sucking and nibbling on the swollen cuntlips so beautifully unfurled in front of her. Demanding hands raked through her hair, holding her in place. She rubbed her face in Angie's wetness, licking frantically. Angie groaned with a need that Kelly happily acknowledged, moving up and gently wrapping her lips around Angie's hardened clit. She sucked it gently at first, taking it between her lips and tugging on it playfully. Then she clamped down hard, sucking the nub of flesh like it was a piece of candy. Angie lapsed into a fit of spasms, body jerking wildly as the pleasure spilled out in a gushing orgasm that left Kelly's face soaked. She continued for a few moments then placed a final, gentle kiss on Angie's clit.

Kelly got to her feet, watching Angie's struggle to breathe evenly . . . that lovely face even more beautiful covered with a sheen of sweat. She smiled mischievously and Angie laughed, pulling up her shorts and fastening them.

"Come here, " Angie muttered, arms opening wide. Kelly easily stepped into the embrace, sighing quiet sighs as Angie began kissing her neck . . . licking her throat . . . hands fondling her ass the entire time. Angie pushed her back against the washing machine and Kelly felt herself being lifted up slightly. She hopped up onto the washing machine, feeling it rattle underneath her. Kelly gasped at the sudden but pleasant sensation, wiggling her ass on top of the washer as it vibrated wildly. Angie smiled at her, hungrily, staring deeply into her eyes while fumbling with the zipper of her jeans. Kelly returned the gaze, refusing to let go even as fingers began probing her mons. The vibrations of the washer she was sitting on paired with the gentle caresses Angie applied to her cunt sent ripples of pleasure through her body. She panted excitedly, her eyes begging for more. Angie smiled, plunging into her with two fingers. Kelly gasped, grabbing the sides of the washer as Angie thrust in and out of her cunt, fucking her with two fingers . . . then three, a well placed thumb working her throbbing clit. The washing machine stopped for a moment but Angie didn't, fingers pushing into her . . . deeper . . . harder . . . faster . . . making her squeal like a trapped animal. She chewed on her lower lip, feet banging into the washing machine as Angie pumped in and out of her cunt at a feverish pace. She could feel the pressure building up inside her. The feeling against her belly was intense . . . almost painful. Then . . . suddenly . . . the washer began to shudder violently underneath her, and just as suddenly Angie's fingers were applying pressure to her clit . . . squeezing the nub of flesh . . . pinching it . . . jerking it off. Kelly couldn't have contained the scream that escaped her lips even if she had wanted to. She howled in ecstasy, letting loose a wild cry as the orgasm ripped through her body. Angie refused to let up, pummeling her clit without mercy until she came again. Kelly collapsed forward, crushing Angie's head to her chest and holding tight. The feel of Angie's arms encircling her body at the same time made her shudder.

"Please tell me you live close by, " Angie whispered.

"Just around the corner, " Kelly said.

"Then let's go. I want to have you in bed."

Kelly ruffled Angie's hair, kissing her new lover. "What about our laundry?"

"Leave it, " Angie muttered. "I don't think we'll be needing any clothes for awhile."

Kelly laughed. She liked the sound of that.