JT Langdon

Dana searched frantically in her pocket for the card-key to her hotel room, fumbling, desperate, unable to get the door open fast enough. The hand determinedly stroking her thigh from behind moved between her legs, squeezing her mound through black denim jeans. She moaned without concern that she might be heard, arching back against the sturdy body spooned against her. Nice-sized breasts pushed into her and she could feel the nipples that capped them, hard peaks digging into her shoulders.

"Do you have that door open yet?" a low voice demanded to know.

"No. Someone keeps distracting me."

"How rude."

"Tell me about it."

"I guess I'll just do you right here in the hall, then."

Dana grunted with animal lust. She had no doubt Sarah meant that. The redhead in the leather jacket over a tank-top and khakis had been all over her in the bar, in the cab, in the elevator on the way up to her room, and now there in the hall where at any moment someone might pass by and see them. It didn't appear Sarah had a single reservation. As if to prove the point, Sarah casually unzipped her fly and worked a finger inside her jeans. Since Dana never wore panties what Sarah discovered inside was a hot, wet pussy needing to be touched . . . which Sarah did, rubbing her netherlips until the scent of her arousal filled the corridor.

"Sarah . . . oh, God."

"Like that, baby?"

"Yes . . . yes."

"Me too. You feel good," Sarah said. Her tone got sharper. "Now get that door open so I can lick you out good and proper."

Dana muttered impatient curses under her breath as she tried to slip the plastic card into the lock. It seemed forever before the small light turned green. She turned the handle and practically fell into the room, Sarah stumbling on top of her. The door had barely closed when Dana found herself being pulled into a searing kiss. She slipped a hand inside Sarah's leather jacket, finding the round of a breast and pawing at it with raw hunger. The redhead moaned with obvious approval, hands working to get her shirt off. Dana pulled back just long enough to let that happen then was kissing Sarah again, liking the feel of her bare breasts against the rough leather of the woman's jacket. She straddled the Sarah's leg and began grinding her crotch like an erotic dancer. Her pussy was so wet she was sure Sarah could feel it through her jeans and the khakis.

"I got the door open," Dana managed to gasp between kisses.

"That you did, baby. And I am gonna suck that sweet little cunt of yours until there ain't nothing left." Sarah backed her toward the bed then pushed her down, hard, standing over her with a triumphant grin that betrayed an inner desire Dana understood without having to be told. She kicked off her boots then watched, entranced, as Sarah shrugged out of the beat-up leather jacket to let her get a better look at the trim, athletic body it had concealed. Her approval came in the form of a soft growl. Sarah had a well-toned body, strong arms, flat tummy, and large breasts that held her attention for a long time. Her nipples were plump little mounds sticking out of that tight, white cotton tank-top and Dana longed to have them in her mouth.

"Come here," Dana ordered.

Sarah gave her a smile then climbed into bed, crawling over her, dropping kisses across her midriff then her breasts before at last settling on her lips, taking them possessively. The knee wedged between her thighs was set firm against her pussy and she bucked hard against it, untamed and out of control, needing release. Clawing at Sarah's back, Dana traced rippling muscles with the tips of her fingers. Sarah was nibbling at her neck, playfully, teasingly, but nibbling all the same, little love-nips that made her cry out for more. She arched her hips in a wild struggle, slamming herself against Sarah's leg. Sarah pulled back to look at her.

"You want it, don't you baby?"

"Yes. God, yes."

Sarah laughed. "I love it when they want it bad."

"Then give it to me!"

Sarah kissed her with renewed intensity, sliding a hot, wet tongue over hers to make her wriggle with desire. The woman was driving her crazy! Each touch of those lips set off fireworks in her belly and damn it all if the woman didn't know that. Those teasing kisses moved lower and Dana moaned when Sarah took a nipple into that mouth and sucked it with voracious need. Sarah moved from one to the other, suckling them, biting them, making her gasp and sigh with delight. Her body was on fire and she still had her jeans on! She couldn't imagine the pleasure she would know when that mouth moved down to her pussy. That seemed so far off. Sarah continued to cover her breasts with kisses for the longest time then moved up to her lips once more, devouring them.

Dana tugged at the other woman's tank-top, wanting so badly to free those breasts from their cotton prison. She heard Sarah laugh between kisses then her new lover pulled back and straddled her hips. Her eyes widened in raw hunger as Sarah yanked off the skimpy tank-top to reveal a hard, muscular body that she so wanted to feel against her own solid frame. She slid her hands over stocky hips them moved upwards to cup both of Sarah's breasts, kneading them, using her thumbs to twiddle rapidly stiffening nipples. Sarah rewarded her with the most delightful sigh, eyes narrowed to mere slits as she rolled now rock-hard nipples between her fingers.

"I want to suck them," Dana whispered.

Sarah leaned forward just enough for her to get at them and Dana wasted no time taking what she wanted, hungrily sucking those plump nubs. Like Sarah had done to her, Dana moved back and forth between those delectable rounds, making sure each got the attention such beautiful things deserved.

"Yeah, baby," Sarah muttered. "You know just how to suck them."

Dana kept at it. She gorged herself on the woman's sweet flesh. It wasn't possible for her to get enough into her mouth. Her insatiable appetite made Sarah laugh, but it was the laugh of a woman thoroughly enjoying what was being done. Keeping one hand full of supple breast, Dana eased her other hand down the back of Sarah's pants and was delighted to find the woman naked inside. She worked her finger into the crack of that hard ass and Sarah moaned.

"Like that?" Dana asked.

"Mmm . . . yeah. Love it. Don't stop there."

Dana had no intention of doing that. She slid her finger deep between those butt cheeks, moving closer and closer to the puckered opening she knew could be found down there. Her efforts had Sarah grunting in no time and when the redhead bent down to kiss her again, it was ferocious.

"Oh yeah," Dana muttered. "Now go down on me."

The kisses moved down her neck and lingered briefly on her breasts before zigzagging across her belly. Dana raked her fingers through that short crop of red hair, urging Sarah down . . . down . . . needing it so much . . . needing to have that mouth on her. Lips were at last pressed into her mound and Dana sighed with relief.

"Tell me that you want it," Sarah ordered.

"Yeah, I want it."


Dana tossed her head back with a cry as Sarah descended upon her with a vengeance. The woman covered her pussy with that hungry mouth and sucked her, wildly, probing her with an expert tongue that knew just where to lick her. She grabbed a fistful of bed sheet and held on for dear life as Sarah lapped up and down the length of her slit before going inside again. The room filled with the sounds of passionate sex as Sarah licked out her quim with ravenous hunger

"Oh God! Yes!" Dana screamed. The pleasure swelled in her belly, like an inflated balloon, ready to pop at any moment. "Mmm . . . oh fuck! Don't stop . . . no matter what happens don't stop." She reached out for the phone sitting on the bedside table and blindly dialed a number.

"Hello?" a familiar voice answered huskily. It sounded like the woman on the other end had been sleeping. That made it even better! Just thinking of Lauren alone in their huge bed brought a smile to her lips. Her lover was probably in one of those silly lace nightgowns Lauren so loved to wear in their big bed. There was a time when Sarah found the contrast between them appealing. Not any more. She had what she wanted now.

Dana reached down and stroked the head bobbing between her legs, twining hair damp with sweat around her fingers. The woman down there sure had a talent for eating pussy and she intended to keep that mouth where it was for as long as possible. Her hips quivered with each stroke of the tongue that slithered over her cuntlips. It was a struggle to keep her voice from cracking.

"It's me."

"Oh. Does this mean you're ready to come home so we can discuss this like adults?"

"I have someone with me."

There was a pause.

"I see. Anyone you know?"

"Just . . . m-m-met her," Dana stammered. Sarah was making tiny circles around her clit now, touching it just enough to drive her wild without completely finishing her off. It was heaven. She moaned so Lauren knew that.

"How nice for you."

"No kidding," Dana sighed. "Mmm . . . she is licking my clit. Oooh. It's so good. You remember how I taste, don't you Lauren? Well, now Sarah does, too. She's big and strong and has her face right in my pussy. I am so wet. Oh! Oh, yeah. She's got my clit between her lips now and she is sucking me off." Hips rising off the bed, Dana clutched the phone in her hand until her knuckles were white and she feared the receiver would shatter in her grasp. "Oh . . . oh, God. I'm coming baby . . . I'm coming so hard . . . and you could have been the one to make me come like this . . . but it's Sarah instead . . . oh . . . oh yes! Yes! So good . . . so fucking good."

Dana slammed the phone down as Sarah brought her to climax again by lashing her clit with long strokes of that tongue. Her body continued to tremble longer after Sarah pulled away and when she heard the redhead laugh at her unquenchable need Dana joined in, pulling the other woman into her own strong arms. She found lips ready to be kissed and did so until the two of them were gasping for breath. Sarah lay across her, finding a nipple to play with in the silence that followed.

"What was that all about?"

"Lover's quarrel. Nothing you need to worry about."

The silence continued a little longer, then Sarah asked, "You going home, then?"

"Mmm . . . not tonight," Dana said, rolling Sarah over. She began with the lips and continued from there, learning every curve of that her body. The woman beneath her murmured wordlessly while Dana peeled off those khakis to get at the juicy cunt inside. Kissing her way downward, Dana noticed Sarah reaching for the phone. She laughed into Sarah's dripping wet pussy when her new lover hit re-dial.

"Tell her I said hello."