Your Red Skirt

I knew I was in trouble
When you wore your red skirt
So often mentioned
Never seen
Until that night
Tight pleather
On your perfectly shaped ass

But why stop there?
Complete the look
Black boots;
T-shirt tied in the back
So your abs are showing
(How long have you had
a stud through your navel,
by the way?)

Need to think; can't.
Need to focus, can't.
Too distracted
By your runner's legs
And all the skin
You're showing tonight
Smooth, creamy

The red skirt is killing me
Every time you move
I die a little more
And damn you, you know it
Glances thrown over your shoulder
To see if I'm watching; I am
To see if I notice you; I do

First chance I get, I run
Outside, to get some air
The summer heat is thick, humid
But still I breathe better out here
Until you're standing there
Smirking at me

I can't stop myself
From looking you up and down
My gaze lingering
On the stud in your navel
You don't ask if I like it;
You tell me
A statement of fact
And I cannot argue

You tell me I want to lick it;
I do
I want to lick your belly, too
But I don't say so
I don't have to; you know
You look at me, look at the ground
A wordless command
And me, so eager to obey

And then I am kneeling before you
In humble worship
My hands on your thighs
As I press my lips to your skin
Kissing your flat belly; then
Kissing your navel

When I move my hands
Up, under your skirt
I expect you to stop me;
You don't
I feel bold; but do I dare more?
Hands in my hair
Bid me go further

With deliberate care
I pull your panties down
And with that same care
Push your skirt up
Baring you
To the night
To me
To my hunger

The scent of you
Is thicker than the damp air
And I breathe you in
Before I lean forward
Quickly lost in the taste of you
Minutes? Hours? Days?
Time means nothing
While I am there
Until a barely stifled cry
Echoes through the parking lot

You step back from me
Pull your panties up
Tug your skirt back into place
And all is perfect again
Like nothing happened
And you walk away
Leaving me on my knees
With the taste of you
On my lips
The last thing I see
Before you disappear inside:
Your red skirt